Night Time Binging: You Need to Be Concerned about the Aftermath!

Night Time Binging

According to the reports from the Brigham Hospital in Boston, eating at night time is never a good idea. This is because the circadian rhythm of the body gets disturbed and you are at high risk of getting diabetes. This isn’t new but the late-night cravings of eating can make people choose the food options that are extremely bad for health. The top doctors in Islamabad say that these can cause diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases very fast. 


The results of the Brigham and Women’s study looked particularly at the effects of eating at night time and the impact on the body and overall blood sugar levels and then correlated it with the daytime binging. In the study, 19 individuals were studied. Those all worked nighttime shifts.  It was noticed that the ones who ate their meals late at night had issues with their blood sugar level increases. The beta-cell of the pancreas also saw a decrease in functions. Both of these are potential ancestors of type 2 Diabetes.  


Other participants of the study didn’t show any of the changes as they stayed up all night but ate nothing at that time. Previous studies in the past have linked late-night binging with heart arrhythmia and increased risk of cancer. Astonishingly it was also seen that the women who went through miscarriages were also seen consuming food late at night.  


The primal reason for the glucose intolerance and the beta-cell function disruption was the meal timing. It was noticed that the peripheral and the central clocks were not aligned throughout the body and that became the reason for the disturbance of the blood sugar level and the pancreatic issues. 


Healthy Options to Binge On


There are a lot of options that one can consume in order to fulfill the need for binging. But try to binge on these during any time of the day instead of late at night. Some of the options include;


Frozen Yogurt and Blueberry


Whenever one is in a mood to eat something noxious. As it is noticed that a lot of times the choice of eating snacks is quite unhealthy.If it is something sweet that you want yourself to indulge in then go for frozen yogurt and berry treat. This is a very healthy option as it contains the needed protein from the yogurt and the deadly antioxidants from the berries that work really well against the toxins present in the body. 


Zucchini Chips


For some people, salt and vinegar chips are the ‘comfort option’ to consume on and binge in the day. To alter that and make it into a healthy option you need to take zucchini and replace it with potatoes. The nutritional effects of zucchini can never be taken lightly. It is also a great low-carb comfort food that contains 40 calories maximum in half a cup serving. 


Baked Cucumber Chips 


Cucumber is a great food that is very low in calories. They contain mostly water which is a great option for all the parts of the body. Just take some salt and spices to cover the cucumbers and throw them in the oven and let them bake. Use salt and vinegar as per taste. These chips are the ones that are low on calories and other toxic nutrients that are bad for blood sugar levels and cardiovascular health


Roasted Chickpeas


The chickpeas that come in the packed form are very easy to make as these can be topped up with spices and other toppings. Chickpeas are said to be full of protein and fiber and that way it helps to stay healthy and fit. These can be roasted in the microwave oven or in the general oven and lime and lemon could also be added for additional flavors. 


Final Thoughts 


All these snack options when consumed in the daytime can be very beneficial. These can help people to keep their tummies full, not wanting to crave other food options late at night. If it gets difficult for some people to resist the late-night options they can eat the above-mentioned options of food and can save heart health and can refrain from other issues.

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