Ultimate Guide for Window Curtains and Drapes Cleaning

Curtains are a must for the interior of a house. They not only add elegance to your home, but they also keep out dust and dirt coming from outside. Determine that the winds are blowing too much and let the appropriate amount of light get into. Not only curtains, but every window treatment also adds an elegant look to the home.


The main thing is cleaning and maintenance of the window treatments.  Curtains appear their best when they’re maintained. Maintaining their appearance requires regular cleaning to eliminate the accumulation of dust, dirt, and odours that stick to the fabric’s fibres. The majority of curtains can stand when cleaned with steam. But, if your curtains are made from dralon or velvet, avoid using steam as it could damage the fabric. Treat your curtains according to their fabric and never forget to check the manufacturer’s instructions for the cleaning process.


There are different ways to keep your curtains fresh and elegant. Every curtain has its cleaning process according to the fabric and material it is made of. Let’s discuss some of the important methods to keep your drapes neat and clean.


Regular Cleaning of Curtains and Drapes

Regular cleaning can avoid major damages to the fabric and your health. Make a habit to clean window treatments regularly when you clean your space.  The easiest method of doing this is using the vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment. This will allow dust and dirt to be sucked out while ensuring that the fabric is not trapped in the machine. It is crucial to shake your curtains every week, at least in sunlight, to get rid of all dust particles. If you can find a good time to shake your curtains, you can get an air-tight vacuum and use it to wash curtains. 

Clean drapes and clean curtains when hanging

Many customers opt for Steam cleaning curtains as they’re hanging out. Curtain steam cleaning professionals remove all types of synthetic curtains with steam cleaning. Check the fabric of your curtains before moving on. Here are some steps to clean them while hanging:


  1. Vacuuming is a great way to clean drapes while hanging
  2. Shakes your curtains to get rid of dust and dirt
  3. Steam cleaning can change the look of the curtain while hanging

Spring Cleaning of Curtains and Drapes

As winter is over, spring cleaning is now shortly. A crucial task to add to your to-do checklist is cleaning the drapes. Although you might think your drapes stay untouched within their windows, they accumulate dirt, dust and smells. In time, airborne particles can cause window treatments to look dull. Use these easy home maintenance tips to have your drapes clean quickly to enjoy the beginning of spring.


  1. Strat with Vacuuming
  2. Wash the fabric which can be
  3. Dry in the sunlight or with a dryer 
  4. Press to give a fresh look
  5. Roll up and hang
  6. Spray the deodorant 


In the spring, concentrate your efforts on the draperies at home. It is good if you do regular cleaning and care for your curtains and window treatments. But ideally, draperies should be deep-sealed at least twice each year to ensure that they remain bright and fresh. If you can not do it by yourself contact any Curtain Cleaning Sydney company to take care of your window treatments.


Washing Curtains

Cleaning methods are based on the material. Before starting, look over your label to find cleaning instructions and other suggestions. The material curtains are made of can tell us if they can be washed using a washer or need a hand wash. It also decides the temperature of the cycle that needs to be set.


By cleaning your drapes and curtains regularly and drapes regularly, you’ll be able to enjoy cleaner drapes and less dust, which can worsen your allergies. Curtains made of pure fabric are recommended to be cleaned. Take the hardware off, then shake them out to eliminate any dust. Two panels can be washed at a stretch in cold water using the gentle cycle. Take the clothes off and hang them again as soon as possible to avoid wrinkles.


Call a Professional

As with other coverings, curtains are also susceptible to becoming dirty in time because of human or natural causes. In this event, immediate steps are essential to prevent the risk of becoming a health hazard. Cleaning curtains is a difficult task. The thought of getting them taken down, washing and drying them before hanging them up again seems like it could take an entire day. The most efficient way to have fresh window coverings is to let someone else do the job for you. Request a no-cost estimate to discuss drapery and curtain cleaning services. Many curtains cleaning Sydney companies have professionals to take care of your curtains without any damage to the fabric.

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