How To Grow On Instagram | How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Nowadays Everyone Creates A Account On Instagram. But We Often Feel Sad When We Get Very Few Likes and followers.

Well here I’m to fix your this problem. I’ll tell you 5 most important points. If you follow them blindly trust me people are going to ask you how did you get that much Followers.

Since I crossed 1.7k followers in just 2 month I can tell you how I did it. Definitely all my followers are real. They like my posts, comment on my post. They are so engaging and quality followers. So I can assure that if you follow all my words you are going to get a huge amounts of followers likes comments etc.

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1.Insights- At First Make Your Instagram Account A Professional Or A Business Account. You Can Learn How To Do This Using YouTube. Now When You are done you will get a option called ‘insights’. Using this feature you will know how many reach did you get, what is the best time FOR YOU to post etc. But you will get this option when you have more than 100 followers. So you have to complete your first 100 followers very fast using my 2nd point.

2.Following- On The Search Bar Of Instagram Search a Hashtag related to your niche/interest. There will be a option called ‘recent’ in hashtag. Now take any post from this recent posts now check the amount of likes. If the post has a good amount of likes then check who liked the post (if the post has few likes move on to the next post). Follow Atleast 20 people who are liking the same post of your interest. Then you will get the result instantly.

3.Post- Consistency is the key. Post atleast 1 a day. Definitely quality posts. Again stay consistent. A post with High quality.

4.Trick- Edit Your Post In Such A Way That People Give Time To Your Post. The Post Should Be So Interesting That People Save, Share The Post.

5.Hashtag- Don’t Misuse The Hashtags Don’t Use Tags Like- like4like, follow4follow etc. Use Effective hashtags related to your posts.

Without implementation each and every tips from all over the world is useless.. so follow this 5 points only and you will get the best results.

At the end the most important Thing is staying consistent(no.3-Consistency is the key. Post atleast 1 a day. Definitely quality posts. Again stay consistent.)

Now there are a huge compitition on instagram. If you post once or twice a week then it is hard to Grow unless you are already famous.

Don’t share your password with any third party app or website who offer you followers. Those followers will start decreasing. So Don’t run for likes and followers. Keep posting with your 100% ability, stay consistent, make a strong bonding with your followers, upload stories everyday, understand what people want to see. Treat them like your family members, not as Followers.

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