Pi-Networkers looking at other options? Or is the BFIC Network the next solution?

Network started in 2019 as a smartphone crypto mining app. The concept of mining crypto easily on hand-held devices became an instant hit compared to the traditional mining setup. Using Pi Network, people started mining Pi Coin actively worldwide, with the hopes that one day Pi Coin will be worth a lot and all their hard work will eventually pay off.

Sadly, that dream is still a dream and not an inch closer to reality. Pi Network made huge claims throughout its tenure. The Stanford graduates, who created the Pi Network, claimed that it is an app that will enable ordinary people to mine and earn Pi Coins through their smartphones. The coin was intended to be used in the real world for trading, sale, and purchase. So far, none of these claims have turned into reality.

Pi coin, or PI, is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Pi network. Like other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, it was meant to be halved regularly to safeguard its scarcity. When the quantity of coins a miner receives for processing new transactions is cut in half, it is called halving. It generally happens when a specific milestone is achieved. The functionality behind Pi Coin is still kept a secret. The people are left in the dark about the

More than 10 million people are part of Pi Network. These people have been associated with PI Network for a long time now. Not even a single person has been able to benefit from it. After three years of trusting Pi Network, people are now tired of their lies and deceit and have started to look for alternative networking apps that pay for real.

Moreover, Pi Network is turning into a classic Multilevel Marketing Scheme, with no intention of ever paying back its users. People have been mining and hoarding Pi Coin for a long time now. They have invested their money and time in the hopes of creating a better future for themselves and their families. There is nothing but massive disappointment for all these people at the end of Pi Network’s tunnel.

After constant disappointments from applications like Pi Network and Bee Network, people are very skeptical when it comes to a networking app. The general concept is that these apps never provide a return on investment. To be fair, these concerns are valid given the history of marketing apps. But BFIC Network is here to redeem the image of networking and do things differently.

BFIC Network – Designed to provide ROI

BFIC is a stake-mining app that offers massive rewards. The BFIC Network is a well-planned initiative by Innovation Factory that delivers on its promises. The BFIC network is fast and efficient since it is built on third-generation blockchain technology. More than 100,000 transactions per second can be completed, making it the quickest and most secure stake-mining platform to date. Because security plays a vital role in the crypto world, the BFIC Network is impervious to all forms of hacking.

BFIC Network is regarded as the greatest platform in the crypto industry. It offers innovative features that are new to the crypto market and are set to change stake-mining platforms. BFIC Network uses BFICoin, a legit and tradable coin that has real-time value. BFICoin is currently worth $5. It is increasing in value steadily and is expected to reach $1,000 by the mid of 2022.

The signup procedure is simple and requires only one BFICoin. Through your affiliate code, you can invite your friends and family to join your team in the BFIC Network. The team rewards are divided among different levels and the percentage of rewards will be determined by the mining reward amount for each level. The app has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use functionality. All rewards are in the form of BFICoin that is tradable and acceptable globally.

BFICoin is designed to be a high utility coin. It has a backing of a fully operational ecosystem that consists of multiple projects from different niches. As these projects are released and expanded, BFICoin is becoming stronger and gaining worldwide acceptance.

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