How To Pay Diabetic Medications Without Insurance

Diabetic Medications Without Insurance

Are you an American living with Diabetes and are struggling to make ends meet? Did you know that there is a new case of Diabetes that is diagnosed every single day in the USA? There are millions of Americans living with this disease. Whether it be type 1 or type 2. Diabetes affects all ages, races, ethnicities, genders and sees no boundaries. We know this. Being a diabetic can be extremely challenging not only financially but emotionally. There are millions of Americans that do not have insurance. Let’s state the obvious. The price of diabetic medication whether it be tablets or insulin is continuously inflating yearly. This is not only a challenge for the individual who is faced with all these expensive costs but affects their loved ones as well. It costs money to see a doctor, It costs money to get a prescription and it costs money to fill the prescription. This is an everyday scenario that millions of people have to go through. 


Are you asking yourself how you can pay for diabetic medication without insurance? Due to Covid-19 everything changed. The price of food has gone up. The price of medications has significantly inflated. Millions of Americans all over the USA have lost their jobs or are getting less hours at work. As the world is slowly starting to recover and open up again, we know this much. Americans do not want to be in spaces that they do not need to be in. What does that have to do with anything? Well, not wanting to gather in large crowds for fear of being exposed or contracting the virus, many Americans rather not step foot into Pharmacies. We also know that having storefront Pharmacies comes with a heavy expense for Pharmacy owners. These expenses are a part of the reason why Americans are paying so much. By buying Canadian insulin online or buying prescription medications online with reputable websites that are legitimate, you are not only saying no to inflation but yes to paying what you rightfully should. As you should. Know that there are legitimate online services who do their due diligence and follow international laws/protocols to ensure that American such as yourselves can fill their medications safely without having to worry about horror stories happening to them.


Are you wondering how to go about filling your medications online? Are you interested in filling your medications with a Canadian provider but haven’t done so before? Are you also wondering how to go about choosing a reputable provider that is actually reliable/true to who they say they are? Here’s what you need to know:


#1) Search for the name of your medication in search engines that you trust. Look at the top-ranking websites and click each link on the 1st 2 pages. Check out the competition. Who can offer you what and which platform has the best prices? Read about the platform that you’re interested in using. Go over their website content, figure out where they’re based from and what they’re about. Do your research. This is crucial. 


#2) What currency is the platform that you’re interested in using to fill your medication charging? You have the right to know whether you are paying in USD or CAD for your medications. Conversion matters. Do not let anyone else tell you otherwise. 


#3) What is the processing time/order process? Do you have a prescription or do you need for the online service provider to help you obtain a script prior to filling your medications? Have you spoken to your Primary care physician regarding your medications? 

#4) If you search the domain or the name of the company what will you find on search engines? Did you read testimonials about the platform you’re choosing?  


These are all legitimate questions that you should not be ashamed to ask. 


If you want to buy insulin online, there are safe ways to do it. If you ever have any questions or concerns about wanting to buy Candian insulin or your pet medications, don’t be shy to contact the platform that you would like to use. Speak to a customer support agent and ask to speak to a Pharmacist regarding any medical inquiries that you may have. Remember, no one else should be giving you medical advice outside of licensed medical professionals. These individuals are licensed for a reason.


Here are some red flags that you should be aware of when filling your scripts  or otc medications using online pharmaceutical platforms:


  • Purchasing prescription required medications with no need of a prescription. This is a red flag and you should avoid this at all costs. Prescription required medications are prescribed with script for a reason.This is dangerous. Don’t put yourself at risk when you should know better.
  • If you cannot get a hold of a csr from the platform of your choice within a span of 24 hours from the time you contacted that platform, signs lead to not proceeding with that platform.
  • If you have to get a whole run around about who the manufacturer that is manufacturing your medication or where your medication is coming from, that’s another reason to get out of there. 
  • Should your Primary Care Physician have any questions or concerns your Primary Physician should be able to call in and speak to a customer service representative or an actual Pharmacist and answer any questions that your Physician may have. Know that legitimate services will never shy away from questions when asked or pressed. Facts.
  • Are you not able to find any paper trail on the internet regarding the platform that you’ve decided to use?  Legitimate services want to draw attention to themselves. That means that these individuals will produce content that contains information about their platform any chance the opportunity should present itself.  




Trulicity is a brand name medication that is used to help millions of Americans to help manage their blood sugar. This is particularly in those who are diabetic. Trulicity is a prescription required medication. Those in need of a prescription can connect with HoneyBee Pharmacy and its contracted* Pharmacy department to contact their local pharmacy or doctor for a prescription transfer request.  Buy Canadian insulin online at affordable and lifesaving prices. Buy Canadian insulin online with a reliable safe source that you can depend on. Visit 

Have you heard all that buzz about Americans looking to buy Canadian insulin online in Canada? Has anyone told you that you can actually buy pet medications online as well? Buying Pet medications for your dogs, cats, horses, birds etc online is just as safe as purchasing human medications as long as you have a reliable source. The laws and regulations in Canada are different from the ones in the United States. Should you have found a a reliable online service provider who follows international regulations to ensure that the medications being distributed are safe medications then you just found your loophole into the inflated billion-dollar system in the USA. Congratulations. You just figured out what many people haven’t. What’s that? That it is possible to buy Canadian insulin online at low, affordable rates.


So, what’s in it for the Canadians?  Humanity. As we all know, Americans and Canadians go hand in hand.  HoneyBee Pharmacy wants to make sure that loved ones receive the same care and have access to the same medications that Canadians have in their country. Business is business but having heart and truly caring for the wellbeing of others is what sets the tone of the foundation of one’s business. Being informative and vocal about topics such as this, can truly change a person’s life. Whether it be yours or someone you know. This information, it’s valuable. It could be the reason someone who has been struggling and worried about what their next move is going to be when it comes to their medications can finally have a peace of mind. That said, let’s talk about HoneyBee Pharmacy.


HoneyBee Pharmacy is an established Pharmacy partner in Canada with over 10+ years of experience. HBP was originally founded to help the owners’ loved ones across the border to receive the support that they needed for their medications. The purpose then grew from there to cater internationally across the United States as the response was positive and in demand. HoneyBee Pharmacy only deals with government approved, reputable dispensing vendors and ensures that its contracted Pharmacy department stays on top of requirements. When medicare is out, count HoneyBee Pharmacy in. Although HoneyBee Pharmacy does not deal with medicare as HBP is located outside the USA, the prices for HoneyBee Pharmacy speak for itself. HoneyBee Pharmacy stays competitive when it comes to pricing. HBP is proud to offer quality medications at low, affordable prices that you can truly rely on. Head over to Honeybee Pharmacy to take advantage of the current promotions available.

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