How does marijuana affect our bodies? 5 long-term effects

For decades, cannabis could only be consumed clandestinely, and if you were caught with just a few grams in your pocket, you could be deprived of your freedom.

Now, thanks to various scientific studies and social advances, marijuana consumption has been legalized in various parts of the world. In addition to being a means of deep relaxation, it is used in various medical treatments to alleviate the after-effects (chemotherapy, radiotherapy).

However, this does not mean that excessive consumption can harm our health. To be sure, not all the damages that cannabis can cause are defined, but there are medical studies that reveal what happens in the organism of a chronic marijuana user.

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Psychiatric conditions

For years we have heard that marijuana consumption is the cause of many psychiatric disorders, such as depression and schizophrenia. Medical studies reveal that, if consumed throughout the day, there is a greater likelihood of developing psychosis.

To be sure, there are no studies that reveal the damage that marijuana can do on a mental level. It is always advisable to regulate its use.

Cognitive affections

The composition of marijuana is mostly made up of THC. This ingredient acts directly on the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, responsible for the function of learning, memory, concentration, emotional control and appetite.

However, researchers have not yet determined the extent to which excessive cannabis consumption can affect the brain. According to 2015 studies, adults who used cannabis frequently during their adolescence had problems with memory, concentration and emotional regulation. However, it was not proven whether this was a direct consequence of consumption.

In another study conducted in New Zealand, young people who consumed marijuana during adolescence were evaluated and a loss of IQ was recorded. This is another result that was associated with addiction.

Although there are no concrete studies on the effects of cannabis on cognitive development, it is certain that the amount of THC it concentrates can be fatal for the normality of any person.

Respiratory conditions

Although marijuana and cigarettes are different and contain different components, the long-term effects are not dissimilar. As with smoking, cannabis smoke can affect the respiratory system, both in lung infections and chest colds.

Medical studies have shown that smoking marijuana gradually affects the lungs, increasing the risk of contracting bronchitis.

What about lung cancer? Well, this can occur if marijuana is smoked every day, and in less time. In fact, cannabis has more carcinogenic compounds than nicotine. It contains 50% more benzoprene and 75% more benzanthracene. Therefore, it is preferable to smoke every so often, rather than making it a daily practice.

By the way, vaporizing marijuana does not reduce the risk of respiratory problems.

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

Although it only occurs in some people, heavy marijuana use can lead to cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. It is a disease properly caused by marijuana and is characterized by severe dehydration, as a consequence of nausea and vomiting.

It occurs in people under 50 years of age who frequently consume at least one portion of cannabis. The solution to this disease is simply to stop consuming it.

Conditions during pregnancy and lactation

During the gestational stage, some women turn to cannabis to be able to relax and forget about all the discomfort and discomfort that this stage entails. However, this activity is as dangerous as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

Doctors advise against pregnant or breastfeeding women consuming any portion of cannabis, as this can affect the cognitive development of the baby once it is born. There are even studies that point to an increased risk of fetal death.

The evidence revealing all the damage that the plant can cause during pregnancy is incomplete. However, even so, it is best to prevail your health. Thus, you should avoid any unnecessary drug consumption during pregnancy.

There is no doubt about all the benefits that cannabis provides us, but this does not mean that we should leave aside its affections. So, the best thing to do is to regulate consumption and do it when we really feel stressed or frustrated, and relax while the THC takes effect. But, occasionally.

To Sum Up

While the recreational abuse of marijuana is not as contraindicated as alcohol or tobacco, the drug does have negative side-effects in our bodies besides the usual “high” sensation. Given that fact several governments have still to move towards legalization.

On the other hand, consumption is not likely going to produce side effects unless you are suffering from some conditions that could enable further problems. Marijuana is in most aspects a safe drug that even counts with a low level of chemical dependence. Have you tried it?

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