What Does TISCO Stand For? What Is PNR Full Form? What Does BSDK Stand For?

If you are interested to know about Tisco full form, PNR full form, and BSDK full form then you opened the right article.


What does TISCO stand for?

Tisco – is an abbreviation of Transport Industry Computerization Ltd. Tisco is the largest database software company in India and India’s largest software exporter and has its headquarters at Gurgaon, Haryana. This software is used by Transportation Corporations, airports, Bus, and Rail Companies in India, and it has a presence in over 30 countries. The company has 4,900 employees and annual revenue of nearly 40 billion. What is PNR full form? Pakistan National Passenger Toll (PNRTP) was established in the year 1991. PNRTP is a joint venture of Pakistan Railways and CIESAS. It is engaged in tolling and non-tolling activities of public road systems. The organization was incorporated as a private limited company. In the year 2004, CIESAS announced to cede its 51% shares to Pakistan Railways.


What does the PNR full form stand for?

PSNR stands for Positive Sequence Identifier and is used for Intelligent Radio Communication. What is PNR? The Positive Sequence Identifier is an alphanumeric code containing 20-25 bits. Each bit represents a 1 or a 0. So the PNR has a total of 255 bits, which represent various combinations of 1 and 0. In many modern systems, each PNR consists of 6 bits. However, these 6 bits are not sufficient to uniquely identify an individual for purposes of communication. For example, consider the PNR “IP 060 218.11.” Example 1: Matching To / From Field How would the PNR specification be used? PSNR can be used as the six-byte sequence of four bits to uniquely identify an individual for purposes of communication.


What does BSDK stand for?

BSDK stands for Butane Gas System Kits and that is the main specifications of Butane tanks and systems. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to supply you with the ideal product for the requirements of the customers. As this is an online platform, you can get the most reliable products from any e-commerce website. What is TISCO? TISCO is short for Timber Island Industries and it is an affiliate of Tata Groups. Their products are constructed with advanced technology and they focus on the development of innovative products. Tata Group has been a pioneer in using hi-tech butane tanks and systems in the western Indian state of Gujarat for the past few decades. What is PNR full form? PNR Full Form is defined as the term full form gas system.



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