10 Trends in Retro Furniture that you’ll Love in Your Home

Vintage fashions always have a way of coming back in style and it happens even in the world of interior design. It is no wonder that some people keep an attic full of old decors and furniture, hoping that they can find a place for these retro pieces in their living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens. However, using vintage furniture in your homes is not as easy as putting them all together, as you may end up having a room that looks like an antique shop rather than one that speaks a definitive statement. To help you out, here are some trends that you may want to follow in using retro furniture for your home’s interior.

Get inspiration from pop icons.
From the many decorative pieces and furniture that made waves in the past decades, it would be hard to pick just which one to place in your living room. For inspiration, you may look at what your pop icons are doing. Just like you, they are also going with the trend of resurfacing retro furniture and their picks are likely to be the trend.

Pick an era.
Would you like something from the mid-century or a more recent design from the late 60s? When bringing back retro furniture, it would be best if you pick a certain era and concentrate on the colors and patterns that were popular during those times. This will give your current home a more solid and unified look.

Pick a color.
If you are finding it hard to find a retro design for your furniture and appliances, pick a retro color instead. Turquoise or yellow are great examples. When used with the right retro pieces, you can certainly make a room travel back in time.

Splashes of colors and textures
Do you remember the disco era of the 70s? The fads then were bright colors of purples, oranges, and reds and these colors will be just as great for your retro furniture. While at it, choose vintage fabrics too. Corduroy, silk and embroidered fabrics will be perfect for that all out 70s inspired retro furniture and interior design.

Liven up the front porch.
In olden days, families often spend their afternoons and evenings in the front porch. Bring back the good old days by making use of your porch now. You can use some wooden rocking chairs that are painted in white and blue. Some polka dots will also bring that good retro vibe. For safety, you may cover your porch in glass walls, which also adds some modern look.

Give safety a consideration.
If you plan to use authentic vintage furniture, you may have to consider refinishing them. Old paints and finishes were not very safe in terms of the substances present in them. For you and your family’s health, use modern paints that have passed safety standards for these retro items.

Accessorize with vintage items.
Do not look at the furniture alone. You can add some vintage touches through other items as well, like a grandfather’s clock, ceramic wares and old chandeliers.

Style Kitchens
When you think of retro restaurants, the thing that immediately comes to mind are diners. You can make one for your home. Just place a dinner booth instead of the usual round table or kitchen chairs. To complete the effect, checkered prints on the upholstery should be the final touch.

Bring in some retro lighting
Lighting is essential in any interior design and they are very effective in setting the mood and the ambiance. Therefore, to get that retro feel, some vintage lighting will do the trick. You can start with large lampshades and overhead lamps.

Furniture to match the home
Are you stumped for inspiration? Here is an idea, look at the architecture of your home. For example, if you have a Victorian style home, what better furniture and accessories to place inside but Victorian pieces as well. Even modern architecture has a retro inspiration, so work from there.


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