Why Is It So Important to Hire a Lawyer After Being Arrested?

If you’ve been arrested for any crime, one of the first things you should do is talk to a lawyer. You’ve likely heard this advice before since it’s so common. But what is it, exactly, that hiring a lawyer is supposed to do for you? Why is this step of the process so important?

The Most Important Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

According to J. Michael Price II, “hiring a criminal defense lawyer is the best defensive move you can make after you’ve been arrested. You’ll immediately start getting professional advice – and have someone on your side throughout the process.”

These are some of the most important benefits:

  •         Knowledge of the law (and the judicial system). Lawyers studied their field for a long time before working actively for clients. They likely know the law and the judicial system inside and out. They can help you understand what you’re being charged with, what the possible consequences are, and what the next steps of the process are going to be. They can answer any questions you have and help you set expectations for what’s coming next. It can clear up a lot of uncertainty and help you figure out your next moves.
  •         Established relationships. Most defense attorneys spend at least a portion of their career networking and building relationships with other attorneys. Even if they don’t, they probably interact with prosecuting attorneys on a daily basis. Over time, they get to know their colleagues and counterparts well; once these relationships are well established, they can work together to get your charges reduced or dropped more effectively.
  •         Personal experience. Odds are, your lawyer has dealt with a case like yours in the past. They have direct experience with this type of situation, and they directly saw how it unfolded last time. This gives them a superior perspective – and makes them capable of giving even better advice.
  •         Charge reduction (or elimination). A great defense attorney will be working actively to reduce your charges as much as possible – or even get them eliminated. Offering conflicting evidence, volunteering new ideas, and negotiating directly can all help to get your charges dropped. Of course, this isn’t a guarantee, even with the best lawyer, and especially if there’s a strong case against you.
  •         Observation of the process. Additionally, lawyers can serve as a witness to the process of your arrest – and the way that officers are treating you. They know the law well and can easily spot when a law is being breached or when your rights are being violated. They’ll be there for much of the process and can help ensure that police officers don’t overstep their bounds. If the arrest isn’t done properly, in any way, your lawyer can point it out and potentially use it to exonerate you in court.
  •         Predictions and analysis. Your lawyer will be able to review your case, including all the evidence and help you make predictions and analyze the situation. For example, if you plead guilty to this crime, what is the sentencing you would likely face? What are the chances of winning this battle in court?
  •         Professional advisements. Perhaps most importantly, your lawyer will be able to give you professional-grade advice on a variety of topics. When the police ask you a question, your lawyer can explain if it’s a good idea to answer it (and how to answer it). When you come to a major decision, you’ll have someone with more experience who has your back.
  •         Active representation. If you end up fighting these charges in court, your lawyer will also actively represent you. They can make formal statements, interview witnesses, and present evidence to defend you.
  •         Monetary savings (over time). Criminal defense lawyers can be expensive, but they often end up saving you money over time. With a good lawyer, you can evade a felony charge on your record – which will be great for your employment opportunities in the future. You might also spend less time in jail, face fewer or smaller fines, and face fewer legal fees if you don’t end up in court.

Hiring the Right Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is always a good move, but it’s an even better move if you hire the right lawyer. Before committing to a choice, make sure you talk to multiple candidates and get to know how they operate. How does this lawyer work? What is their experience like? Have other clients had this attorney in the past?

Anyone who’s been arrested should move to hire a lawyer as quickly as possible to begin receiving professional advisement. With an expert on your side, you’ll be much more likely to reduce the charges you face – or even walk free.

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