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Birthdays are always the happiest moments. This moment should be preserved in the form of videos and photographs so that they can be seen in the following years. Now, with today’s smartphones increasingly sophisticated, making a birthday video can be done by anyone. But what about the quality? Not everyone has the ability to make quality videos.

In most cases, a videographer is needed. However, with the presence of video editing software, the role of the videographer has diminished. Provided that they are equipped with the right software, most people can produce quality videos.

3 types of birthday videos you need to know

There is no other way to explain this than simplicity. I will explain in “everyday language.”

  1. Ordinary birthday video

This type only presents a festive atmosphere for a birthday party. Just like any other party occasions. Its strength lies in its simplicity. You just need to record the birthday party, edit it, and show it. Making videos of this kind is easy enough for most novice video makers.

  1. Birthday videos with a combination of different segments

This type combines different segments, usually incorporating video clips of previous birthdays. The advantage lies in the timelines that thrill everyone!

  1. Videos by combining various congratulations

This breed has been very popular in recent years. Basically this video combines the happy birthday wishes of many people. The advantage is that anyone who sees will be interested. That is for sure!

Whatever type of video you choose, you need the right tools to make it happen!

I recommend Wonderhare Filmii birthday video maker. This is a video editing tool aimed at beginners. Its strength lies in the provision of many attractive templates along with qualified customization capabilities, including the use of effects, application of photos, texts, filters, and so on. It is an AI-powered video editing tool so that adjustments to the user’s preferences can be achieved without difficulty. AI technology guarantees automation of video creation without any loss of quality. You can make videos automatically with results like they were done manually.

How to make a birthday video with the help of Wondershare Filmii

It’s easy, you just need to select a birthday video from your folder, and customize it with the help of editing tools provided by Wondershare Filmii. Keep in mind, you can add interesting quotes and impressive photos to your videos, making them even more interesting than ever. You can also use several filters which are sure to make your video look even more impressive. There are many filters to choose from, from vintage to futuristic. And don’t forget, a variety of interesting templates to choose from because without a suitable template, a birthday video will look ordinary.

You can do these various ways to give birthday wishes to loved ones or loved ones!

Confused about what to give on your loved one’s birthday? Giving gifts or surprises seems commonplace, because almost everyone does this. So what can you do to impress your loved ones on their special day? You can try this one, which is to make an animated birthday video greeting made especially for him and you can present it on a day he will never forget. Surely this gift will be very memorable because it is different from the others.

Why don’t you make an animated video?

Making an animated video is indeed quite difficult because to make it yourself requires long stages and requires patience and persistence. Today you can find a variety of software and applications that can be used to create animated videos. Apart from using a computer or laptop, you can also use a smartphone which is also equipped with various applications that can be used to make videos.

You can choose whichever application is easier to use in your opinion or the one that suits your needs. Lots of applications from the Playstore that can be downloaded and used to make videos, some are free versions and even paid versions, of course, with some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Not everything we expect is in one application, but from several applications and to combine various segments so that it becomes an interesting and unique video according to your wishes is not an easy thing to do.

But before deciding which application to use, before making an animated video there are a few things you need to pay attention to:

Develop story ideas

The first thing to do, of course, is to compile a story idea from the animated video that you will make because an animated video of course must have a storyline including a birthday greeting animation video. This animated video must also have a theme so that at the time of its creation you will already have an outline that is followed from start to finish. An interesting and unique story will surely make everyone who watches it like and happy.

Create a story in a storyboard

After determining the outline of the animated video, you can proceed to the stage of making a storyboard which consists of a series of events that your video will display. This storyboard display is like a comic that displays every snippet of the scene in your animated video later on in an ongoing basis.

Unique message

You can convey unique, interesting and complex messages in simple concepts and / or by using the concept of a storyline that is close to the life of someone who will be given the birthday video so that there is a tight plot so that it is easy to understand the meaning you are trying to convey through the video.

Create a character model

The elements that are quite important in an animated video are not only the story idea and editing tools but also the characters in it. This character must have a clear depiction especially because this animated video will be used to wish someone a happy birthday so of course you need to create a character that is similar to that person.

Creating animated sketches

The sketch in the animated video has an important role to show the key movements in a frame, this key movement is the movement of the characters in the animated video that you make, so that the movements look natural and not stiff.


There are many ideas for making an unforgettable birthday video. All you need is creativity and the right tools, one of which is Wondershare Filmii. Hopefully this article can provide useful inspiration for you.

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