Why is SEO important for marketing?

Why is SEO important for marketing

A lot of new technologies and software’s has been developed throughout the last decade. Some which are very advanced and other very simple, yet life changing. The introduction to app markets, search engines and technology with endless amounts of power, everything has changed. It has led to all kinds of different new technologies like apps that lets you read someone else’s texts on your phone to having revolutionized the marketing industry. The marketing industry has become entirely different than it was 50 years, and now SEO Is one of the main marketing factors that an online business has to focus on. The term SEO didn’t even exist 15 years ago!

What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search engine optimization and the idea behind SEO is the process of optimizing your website for search engines so that your website ranks as high as possible in the search results when people search for something. This improves the websites visibility for relevant people, and the better your visibility, the more visitors. The more visitors lead to more buyers which in the end leads to a growing business.

How does SEO work?

All the different search engines have bots that “crawl” around the entire internet collecting information about all the sites that are in their search engine system, and the bots constantly update the information it has on the different websites. After the bots have collected as much information as possible about the different websites, the search engines algorithms analyze all of the data according to hundreds of different factors that then decide how a page should show up for any given search.

The factors that the algorithm considers when analyzing the data is naturally the factors that you want to improve as much as possible on your website. The factors that the search engine consider all vary a lot in importance and some are crucial while others may just affect the result a little bit. Examples of crucial factors are whether or not your website has quality content and has placed itself strong on the right keywords. Other than that crawlability and mobile-friendliness are also extremely important to a websites end-results in search engines.

The search engine’s algorithms have been designed specifically to give the user of the search engine as good an experience as possible. Therefor the requirements to you as a website-owner of course is that you should create a website that gives your visitor as great an experience as possible. The better the experience of your website is – the longer your visitors will stay in your website. That is another factor that is highly important when it comes to SEO.

You can pay search engines for search ads, but you can’t pay the search engines to place you higher in organic search rankings – you just have to do the hard work.

Why is SEO important for marketing?

In today’s world and market, SEO has to be of focus for any business that uses the internet – which is pretty much all businesses. Every single year several trillions of searches are conducted every single year, and a large percentage of these searches are people that are looking for something specific that they want to buy. As a company you of course want to place yourself in front of these searches. If you sell chairs you of course want to be the only website that shows up every time someone searches for “chairs”. The more traffic a website has, the more sales it typically also generates. Search engines typically is the source of most of the digital traffic that online brands get, and for that reason, SEO is a crucial part of one’s business plan and marketing plan.

In short: Having a greater visibility than your competitors on search-engines can be one of the deciding factors, that decide whether you are one of those businesses that grow big or has to close its doors. Search-engines have developed a lot our recent years and many new initiatives have also provided you with more opportunities for improving your visibility. For example, features like Knowledge panels, questions and rich results, which all show up in the search rankings – a good way to very quickly and directly deliver information to the user of the internet.

Is SEO expensive?

If you know about SEO yourself, you can do all the workout yourself without having the spend a dime. This is however typically not the case. You don’t have to pay Google anything for the optimization. If you decide to get a pair of helping hands and hire someone to help you with the SEO part of your business, then you of course have to pay for all their work. It can feel weird paying someone for SEO work, as it is something you can’t see the effect of right away. If you however keep working on your SEO and have patience, it can result in massive amounts of organic traffic hitting your website, which can result in a significantly improved bottom-line.

Example: SEO Texts

An example of something you can spend money on to significantly improve overall SEO rankings. This is by buying SEO texts. These texts should be optimized for search-engines and for delivering value to visitors. If the text isn’t writing for search-engines then the text won’t help, but if it doesn’t add value to your current customers, then it won’t help as well. More often than not, websites and web shops buy SEO texts as they are very time-consuming.

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