Which Women’s Raincoat Fits My Body Shape

Learn more about how to choose womens raincoat according to your body shape. A fashionable raincoat will help you show off your style even in bad weather.

Unlike sometimes back when raincoats were sorely worn to protect wearers from the rain, people nowadays want fashionable raincoats that will provide both protection and style. Winter season is full of trendy raincoats, but not every coat will flatter your body as you wish. You should, therefore, choose a women’s raincoat that will help you emphasize the right body areas.

The first step towards choosing such a coat is by identifying your body type. Different coat designs fit users differently, according to their body types. Below are some body types and the best raincoat designs for them.

Hour Glass

Women with an hourglass shape have a wide bust that is roughly the same size as the hips, a well-defined waistline, and wide hips and thighs. This body shape is one of the most envied, but it requires special attention to what you wear, more so when it comes to coats.

What to Wear

The best raincoat for this body type is a coat that slims down the waist to emphasize the figure. A raincoat with a belt at the waist can be a good pick. Most women with this body shape are tall, meaning they have a variety of choices when it comes to length.

Apple Shape

You have an apple shape if you have broad shoulders, a large bust, less defined waist, and narrow hips. Women with this body shape can use a coat that elongates their torso to balance their wider top figure with the smaller lower body.

What to Wear

Choose a coat with a perfect hemline as it will draw attention to your legs. Also, avoid coats that end near the hips as they will make you look wide on the waistline.

Rectangle Shape

Women with this body type have a Small-to-average bust size, little waist definition, and straight hips that are roughly the same size as their shoulders. This body type is one of the body types with the least rules to follow when choosing a coat as they can look good in any coat as long as it is oversized

What to Wear

Despite looking good in most coats, you can add shape to your figure through simple features like a belt around your waist and anything that makes your bust appear slightly larger.

Pear Shape

The pear shape is characterized by Narrow shoulders, a small bust, a defined waistline, and wide hips. Since these women already have wide hips and fuller bottoms, they should emphasize more on the top than the bottom.

What to Wear

A raincoat with a belt at the waist will help you define your waistline, but it should try to keep the belt a little bit loose. Wearing a three-quarter-length coat will also help you give the illusion that you have longer legs and narrow hips.


The fact that the weather is not perfect for your trendy dresses and shorts does not mean that you sacrifice your sense of fashion. Nowadays, there are varieties of stylish raincoats available in the market. However, you have to consider your body type before choosing any raincoat design.

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