Eight Logic Games to Teach Kids about Logic

The world proves an unforgiving arena for the unprepared, and therefore teaching your kids the best way to survive from early can prove useful. It should not only entail academic aspirations by making them sit and browse the best essay help in figuring out their homework, but rather, making them have fun while learning. In this respect, nothing can rival playing logic games, which teaches kids about logic and how to go about life logically.  

So what logic games can kids play and learn about logic in the best way possible?

Logic Games for Kids

  • Clue Junior. Clue, a game from Hasbro, ranks among the best logic games and can flood you with nostalgia.  It will help your kids rationalize things by solving cases such as who ate or drank what food or drink respectively. Clue Junior will introduce the fundamentals of deduction to your kids in as much as they will not experience the classic full-blown logic experience. You can buy the game on Amazon.
  • Guess Who? The game also comes from Hasbro and proves very engaging when it comes to logic. It ramps up everything logic by incorporating a strategic element that allows you to pick your questions. Questions should get tailored on eliminating as many potential individuals as possible. Kids can learn productively through this game as they figure out questions to eliminate competition.   
  • Laser Maze.  The game comes as a puzzle with a laser function where your kid should figure out the right pieces to put in the lacer besides the goals. Pieces can prove mirrors in some instances, while at times, such pieces can split the laser. The game will teach your child the aspect of spatial reasoning and logic by understanding reflections and aspects about lasers and angles.
  • Cat Crimes. The game comes from ThinkFun and proves an excellent logic game for children. It has puzzles with different difficulty levels complete with creativity and innovation. The game involves cats and figuring out which cat proves guilty of eating the goldfish. It entails using the available spatial clues by arranging the cats appropriately and figuring out the cat culprit. 
  • Logic Land. The game comes simple with no need for reading, in as much as it proves a logic game. Logic land can prove perfect with its fantasy theme and excellent presentation. It has well-crafted puzzles, and all you have to do entails identifying who belongs in each room. The deduction required in this game can prove perfect for your child in terms of learning about logic.
  • Solitaire Chess. Classic chess comprises among the best logic games as it proves critical thinking and logic about your opponent’s move. Solitaire Chess resembles the conventional classic chessboard, but it entails capture moves. Every move has to capture, and in cases where you have a piece without a capture option, then you have to start afresh. Making capture moves with every move till only a piece remains implies that you have won the game. 
  • No Stress Chess. The game can prove an excellent logic game for kids in as much as it doesn’t compare with the classic chess. However, it can teach kids and help them have fun at the same time. You can use the cards in teaching beginners and leveling the playing field, where every knight card you draw implies moving a knight. It will make it easier for any beginner to make decisions while restricting options for veteran players.
  • Mastermind. The game comes from Pressman and proves one of the best logic games among the entire array of games. It combines knowledge of previous moves in deducing the next moves or opponent’s moves. The Mastermind for Kids game uses animals in trying to crack every code or developing a code. It can prove the purest deduction and logic game ever, especially when it comes to kids.


The eight logic games discussed above can prove perfect for your kids. However, join in on the fun and help your kids expand their logical sense.

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