Funny bingo prizes at brick and mortar venues

There are many reasons why players enjoy bingo games. There are some who enjoy the energetic and frenetic social side to the game whilst others are enthralled with the competition side to bingo.

One of the biggest reasons why people love playing bingo is the prizes available at, most of the time these prizes will consist of a cash sum, sometimes enough to be truly life changing. However there are sometimes prizes which are so weird and funny that it makes players want them that much more. 

A Cow 

Surprisingly, there has been a game of bingo played where the lucky winner was the recipient of an actual cow! Not so surprisingly, this game of bingo took place in the United States. The winner was a woman in her mid twenties from New York city. Not told of the prize beforehand, the organisers must have had a laugh when telling the woman that she had won a cow. While it is not known exactly what happened to the cow since the young woman won it, it is not hard to imagine. Living in one of the busiest metropolises on the planet is certainly no place for a cow so we can only hope that it made its way to a local farm. 

Adult Rewards

These scandalous prizes were given out to bingo players in 2007 at a special surprise event. These ranged from such things as adult toys to images. While adult prizes can be funny it’s alway best to check what sort of demographic you have in the room before you start giving them out, you might give an unsuspecting person a heart attack! 

Shock Pen 

While this prize may not be suited for first place, there’s no better way to have a laugh then giving someone a pen and when they press the button they get a small shock! Of course this prize is better suited toward younger players but it is a great way for everyone to have a laugh, even the unfortunate recipient will see the funny side eventually! 

Completely Random Prizes 

A completely random prize can be anything. Expect the unexpected. Random prizes are a great way to keep the game light-hearted and ensure that nobody takes it too seriously. The best part about random prizes is that they can be literally anything. Just because a prize is random doesn’t mean that it is going to be terrible. Although terrible prizes can be just as fun as good prizes, if not for anything else than a good laugh. Examples of random prizes given out at brick and mortar venues include a pack of pens, some dice and on one occasion even a steering wheel. 

Final Thoughts 

Prizes are not the main reason why people play online bingo although they are a large part of it, funny prizes are some of the best prizes. They can keep games light hearted and ensuring a fun atmosphere remains in case there are any sore losers.

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