A Guide to Decide the Right WordPress Hosting Site

WordPress hosting is one of the many things that may make a website owner overwhelmed. Since there are so many of them, you may need a clear guide that helps you to decide. More than anything, what things should you consider when choosing a hosting site for your WordPress?

We just want to help you decide the right hosting for your website. Also, this guide will simplify the overwhelming process that will lead to your final decision.

WordPress Host – Necessity?

Do you need a hosting partner for your WP website? Well, it depends but you will need it if you make your website as your making-money business. A hosting company is like a landlord for an apartment. The hosting site is like a shelter for your website to stay living.

Meanwhile, if you expect crow traffics to your website, you will need a reliable hosting partner to maintain the stability of your website. Other than that, there are some other things you need to take a look at. Those things will determine which hosting type you will need for your website.

Traditional Hosting vs. Managed Hosting

When it comes to WordPress hosting types, there are two main types of them. The first one is the traditional type. Traditional hosting provides a series of support on a shared web server. Even though generally this hosting type is responsible for almost all things about your WP site, some aspects are out of their range.

Meanwhile, if you choose the managed hosting, you will get all the benefits of traditional hosting along with other benefits. Those include the benefit of setting up the hosting access and installing WP. It migrates all content from your old site to WP while keeping all plugins and software up-to-date.

You will also get a routine backup. Managed hosting is also in charge to monitor hacking attempts, security breaches, and malware. On the other hand, the host still handles traffic scaling every time the traffic is in a surge. All you need to focus on is your content while the host will maintain the quality of your website.

Which hosting site for me?

The best one is depending on how your website would turn out and how you will operate your website.

EasyWP for New Comers

If you are new in WP, you can start with EasyWP. This hosting is the least expensive option on the market and you can make your website in less than two minutes with EasyWP. You can subscribe to this hosting service for USD 1 per month and less than USD 23 for an annual subscription.

The hosting also provides Namecheap, built inside the system. Namecheap, on the other hand, is one of the most trusted registrars for the domain name. So, if you are just starting and want something cheap but reliable, you can try EasyWP.

GoDaddy for Small Business Owners

On the other hand, if you are running a small business, you can try GoDaddy for your hosting partner. You can just focus on your business because GoDaddy will take care of your website with its useful tools. The lowest plan starts from USD 6.99 per month.

Even though the price seems low, the tools provided by GoDaddy are top-notch. Creating a new site for your new business has never been this easy! Other than that, you will get a staging server that others could not give at this low price.

SiteGround for DIY Doers

Are you a DIY enthusiast and need a reliable hosting partner for your website? Well, you should try SiteGround. SiteGround offers tons of developer-friendly tools for those who are on a budget.

However, the pricing is higher than GoDaddy. Still, you should take a look at this one because some advanced features are also in the package. SiteGround offers several hosting plans and you can check it on its official website.

Kinsta for sudden traffic

At some point, you might want to make a website that could generate tons of traffic. However, what if the traffic comes so suddenly? Can a regular hosting site manage it? If you are worried about sudden traffic, you can try Kinsta.

By paying USD 30 per month, you will get a managed hosting powered by Google Cloud Platform that will handle the traffic. Also, you can choose the data center location from the existing 17 locations in the whole world. So, if you need such a service, you should give Kinsta a try.

You need to rethink how your website will turn out. Later, you will know what you need from a WordPress hosting.

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