Tips to Choose an Influential Domain Name and Hosting Service

So you have finally decided to deploy your business online and reach potential customers globally. That’s a great decision but there is a systematic process to make it possible in reality. From choosing a business name to deploying the fully functional website on the World Wide Web, a lot of technical aspects needs to be considered. In virtual space of the internet, a domain name acts as the primary identity of your business. People will approach the website through a domain name that needs to be simply understandable and impressive. As the number of domain buyers is increasing, you will notice an upsurge in the price. Before buying, keep one thing in mind that the domain you are buying today will remain as a business identity until the end. Therefore, choose carefully by considering some factors as we are mentioning below.

  • Prefer a .com extension/suffix

Extension or suffix are characters that appear after the domain name. For instance, in, “.com” is a suffix. When the internet come to existence, this was the only suffix used with domain names. It has become a universal mindset that every web address will end with a “.com” extension. Actually, domain suffixes are divided into two major criteria i.e. genetic TLD (Top Level Domain) and Country TLD  (Top Level Domain). The generic TLDs are more popular that is why it is advisable to choose them. The suffix “.com” can be slightly expensive but it will surely serve the purpose.

  • Attractive and easy to spell for visitors

Sometimes, your best quality product or service also fails in influencing potential customers because they cannot pronounce or write the complicated brand name. Generally, the complicated brand names are very cheap that is why people lure but later realize it as the worst decision. Not only simple but also make sure that it is attractive enough to draw the attention of your potential customers.

  • Try to include the business keyword

It would be great if your domain name contains a keyword, relevant to the business type. A website needs digital marketing to rank on the top of the search engine. For online marketing, keywords play a crucial role. While mentioning the brand name during promotional activities, you were actually ranking the relevant keyword to attain a higher ranking than the competitors.

  • Use multiple domain name finders

Never depend on a single domain name finder because some domain name registration serviced providers can be cheaper than others. Also, there will be more options to choose from at an affordable price range. Search for the best site to buy a domain name.

Choosing a Hosting Plan

For deploying a website on the world wide web, you need a server where webpages can be uploaded. This is possible with a web hosting service. A large number of hosting service providers are available online that offer complete packages including domain name and all features of hosting package. There is no need to buy a domain name separately. According to the size of your business, cybersecurity concerns and speed loading, you can choose a suitable plan. Below is a list of hosting services currently popular worldwide.

  • Dedicated server hosting
  • Shared hosting

The dedicated server is provided to a large enterprised where no other domain exists. It means, the website will load at the maximum possible speed and the security threats will also be minimal. However, a dedicated server is very expensive and it is not useful for every kind of website. Of you are running a blog or local service agency, choose shared hosting plans.

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