Tips to Choose Onesie for Your Kids

For moms, shopping for clothes for their kids is a fun activity to do. From choosing the models, colors, patterns, and supporting accessories. There are a lot of various models of kids’ clothes, one of them is a onesie.

Have you ever heard about a onesie? This model of kids’ clothes is also known as a jumpsuit or jumper. Quite many parents love to buy their kids this onesie because it is practical.

In addition, it is available in many cute and funny colors and patterns. Besides kids’ onesie, adult onesies are also available. If you are interested to buy your kids this cloth, here are some tips to choose the comfortable one.

The Material

First of all, make sure the material of the onesie you choose is comfortable and safe for your kids, just like when you buy squishy in a silly squishy shop.

Moreover, make sure the material can absorb sweat as well. So that your kids’ skin will not be irritated and they can comfortably wear the onesie.

Buy thick onesies and thin onesies to be worn in different weather and temperature. When it is cold, choose thin onesies. Avoid wearing thick onesie if the weather or temperature is hot.

The Size

Another important thing to consider when you buy a onesie for your kids beside the material is the size. Make sure the size of the jumpsuit you buy is right and suitable for your kids’ size.

Make sure the onesie is not too small or too big for your kids. If the onesie is too small, your kids will not be able to move. If it is too big, your kids will get cold if the temperature is getting low.

This is why you should choose onesies which are suitable for your kids’ sizes. But you can choose one size bigger so that the clothes can be worn for a long time.

The Accessories

Onesie is mostly worn for sleep. It is because this cloth is comfortable and warm. So, it will be better if you choose onesies that do not have too many accessories or too big accessories. So, your kids can comfortably sleep without being disturbed by the accessories.

In addition, too many accessories can scratch your kids’ skin. This is why it is suggested to choose onesies with minimum accessories. It is proposed to avoid dangerous and unwanted things to happen.

If you want to buy pretty and cute onesies for your kids, choose the ones with playful, colorful, and cute patterns instead of accessories. You can choose onesies with bright colors or their favorite cartoon characters as the pattern.

Easy to Clean

You surely do not want to buy clothes which are hard to clean and wash. Your household duties are already a lot so that make sure the onesies you buy are easy to wash and clean. Do not buy the ones which require special treatment or maintenance. In order to figure out whether the onesies are easy to clean or not, look at the label. Choose the ones that can be washed with a washing machine.


Kids tend to move a lot when they are sleeping. Most of them change their sleeping positions many times. If the onesie they wear makes them hard to move, your kids will not feel comfortable and they might wake up in the middle of the night. So, flexibility is a must to consider when you are about to buy onesies for your kids. Not only comfortable, but the materials of the onesies should also be flexible. In addition, make sure the design does not make it hard for your kids to move. In order to figure out the flexibility of onesies, ask your kids to move, jump, and kick when they try it.

Easy to Put On and Take Off

Onesie is like one-piece clothes. So, make sure you choose the ones that are easy to put on and take off. It will be better if you choose onesies with a front zipper or front buttons. So that your kids can easily put it on and take it off.

Those are the tips that you can follow when you want to buy comfy onesies for your kids.

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