7 Common Mistakes an Amateur Blogger would do

There are many mistakes business bloggers carryout. If I had to choose just one, it would be not committing to the process. Too many people get into blogging thinking that it will have an instant impact on their business.

Their search engine visibility and inbound traffic will skyrocket, and they’ll be sleeping on a bed of $100 bills. If only a few factors are taken care of, the blog would be an impressive one:

1) Missing out on your audience

The freelance blogger must understand the problems facing their audience and what the audience already knows about the topic to craft posts that address valuable knowledge.

The posts may include the wrong information or exclude the right information, making them too complex or too elementary.

The posts may also fail to explain the problem being solved, and the reader can’t put the information into context. Either way, the post is full of information that the reader can’t put into use.

2) Missing strong cranny

A major mistake made by amateur bloggers make is trying to be everything to everybody, you can’t exceed the benefits of focus, and the more clearly and tightly defined your mission for blogging is, the more likely you are to develop a niche following that is equally as focused, passionate and valuable.

3) Dissimilarity

The eligible flaw bloggers may make is inconsistency, both in quality and in publication rhythm. The tricky part is that these two elements of success often work as opposing forces.

Blogs usually are flourishing over specific long-drawn spoils are those that make publishing routine on a daily basis not based on daily inspiration.

It becomes very easy to eventually tell yourself, “well, I don’t really have anything to say today, so I’ll just skip it.” That’s how your publication frequency drops from five per week to three to one to occasional blogging.

4) Irrelevant Content

Providing an explanation for the publishing routine does not mean, “let’s just throw up a garbage post because I have committed to writing three per week.” Quality always trumps frequency (with the possible exception of SEO). A few average posts per week will not incline you to two posts per week.

That balance between the need to be consistently publishing and the need for consistent quality is the key to successful long-term blogging.

5) Not committing to the process

However, unlike pay-per-click advertising, constructing a blog that builds your business takes time and effort. I tell people to plan on writing two to three posts per week for six months to get the results they’re hoping for… more if they’re in a competitive industry.

This means more than just writing, however; you also need to write keyword-rich posts with persuasive, compelling titles that will be read, linked to and shared on social media sites.

6) Covering too many topics

It is believed that a single biggest mistake bloggers can make is usually covering vast topics that may need concerning researches. Many bloggers want to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, so they write about a myriad of topics.

However, a problem may arise as the scope of the blog can be lost and possibly suddenly hence will disengage the audience. A few key areas that a post on the blog covers finely hones the normal content and laser-focus the consciousness and expertise of the blogger on the website.

After all, an amateur blogger is a lizard that blogs, in other words, is a blogging lizard!

7) Domain name

The best way to avoid this mistake is to come up with a name that has never been used and isn’t sounding like a website that already exists as this factor will affect your blog although you may have whopped off your finger muscles with the information that may be delivering knowledge to the regular public just Newton’s formulas.

However, it would be a shame to see your hard flying away just because of a single click to a website that sounds like yours.

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