The Best Quartz Watches For Men

To say that Quartz revolutionized the watch industry is an understatement. When it was first introduced in the ‘80s, there was an uproar from the mechanical watchmakers, as it was deemed an attack on how watches should work. But that time is behind us now, as quartz movement has been the go-to watch movement for the regular folk in the years that follow.

There is a big chance that you – the person who’s reading this article right now, has a quartz watch in your collection. Since the two-three decades after its launch, quartz watches have been ubiquitous, and the Swiss watchmaking industry has followed suit with their own set of Swiss quartz movement.

For purists, though, getting a mechanical watch is still the only choice. Although scientifically, it has been proven that quartz is one of the most accurate forms of constant frequency, a quartz watch still needs batteries, that’s why they’re needed to be replaced every few years or so. When compared to watches with mechanical movement, quartz is easily the winner when it comes to precision.

High-accuracy quartz watches are now available in the market, and it’s the best form of the movement you can get. Most quartz watches aren’t priced exorbitantly like mechanical ones, so you have an array of choices for every budget. So if you’re heart is set in getting a quartz watch, here are the best of the movement today:

Victorinox Chrono Classic Quartz Watch

A genuine Swiss quartz watch, Victorinox knocked it out of the park with this gem of a watch. It looks as good as any top of the line mechanical watch out in the market today, and it has a movement that’s arguably peak quartz. What’s excellent about Victorinox watches is that, like their famed Swiss knife counterparts, when the going gets tough, these watches persevere.

One of the perks of getting a quartz watch is you don’t have to worry about it being counterfeited. Mechanical watches are notoriously copied, and you’d need to know how to tell if a Rolex is real before purchasing one. Because they’re easily disposable, no one ever bothers to copy quartz watches. What’s the point?

Timex Weekender Chrono Quartz Watch

The Weekender Chrono watch may be one of the most affordable watches in this list, but that’s not saying it lacks the glamour and specs the others have to offer. Quite the contrary, as it is a chronograph watch, set in stainless steel and muted leather band. There is beauty in subtlety, and this watch is a representation of that.

Get the one in blue dial and tan leather band, and you’re golden. It’s the perfect everyday watch for the fresh college grad looking for a job, and it’s not going to be frowned upon in interviews as well. The watch is straightforward, great-looking, overall, a fine specimen of a timepiece. It’s a winner.

Seiko Solar Compass Watch

From the company that first introduced the Japanese quartz movement, the Seiko Solar Compass watch one-ups every watch here by having the feature of continuous ticking through solar power. Don’t get us wrong – this watch still has a battery, but you don’t need to replace it after the standard three years of its life. You just have to expose it to the sun and it will sort itself out.

Tag Heuer Formula 1

This watch has consistently been voted as one of the most trustworthy quartz watches in the world. Tag Heuer, a mid-range priced luxury watch company has done a number in Formula 1 – it’s a great-looking watch that doesn’t need the bells and whistles of the other watches in this list. To see this watch in person is to fall in love with it.

Classically in ocean blue dial, the Formula 1 boasts of a Swiss quartz movement and is the peak representation of the company’s involvement with the famous Formula 1 races. There are quite the number of configurations for the watch, and if you’re not careful, you’ll end up with something that’s a bit on the garish side of things.


While getting a watch with quartz movement is a great investment, this is the era of smartwatches, and if you’re one who wants to be in the with the times, buying a smartwatch instead of the regular watch may be more recommendable. But if you have the pockets to have both, why not? After all, these are little pleasures in life, and we deserve what little happiness which comes our way.

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