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People often wonder if SEO is something difficult. The opinion varies from person to another. SEO is an important process used to direct more traffic towards any web site.

For any site to have a high number of sales, a high number of visitors are a must. Though one can use other ways still the best one is Search Engine Optimization. And the name itself defines what it is for.

Today we will share with you 4 expert opinions that why is SEO difficult. So, let’s start!

What Makes SEO So Difficult?

Though SEO may not seems to be hard to understand or work on. It actually is and needs more time and focus.

One must be able to build a site using basic techniques. If you think that is enough then you are wrong.

The reason that SEO is so difficult is the ever-changing landscape. If some tricks and tools are in work today, it is not necessary that they would also work after some time.

The Ever-Changing Landscape of Search Engines

To maintain and optimize the user experience, Search Engines are updating their guidelines. Google keeps updating its algorithm and does this like 500-600 times per year.

This change sometimes makes it very hard to attribute if your work went well on the campaigns.

 4 Experts with Their Opinions

Here are some of the top SEO experts and their opinions on the whole idea of why SEO is difficult.

It will help you analyze all the problems which you might face learning about Search Engine Optimization.

These suggestions will also allow you to overcome the problems beforehand to know so that you might not get stuck in the near future when you reach the stage.

Well here are the top four experts and their opinions

Jesse Mcdonald:

He is the director of SEO at Geek Powered Studios. According to Jesse, time and dedication which SEO needs, makes it very difficult to pursue.

He thinks that these factors play a major role in giving the students a hard time to learn about SEO.

To solve this problem he usually blogs about the problems which most of his students and peers are facing and provides solutions to their problems. 

Rand Fishkin:

Another expert is Rand Fishkin who is the founder and wizard of Moz. According to his opinion, SEO is difficult is that the practice combines so many unique aspects of marketing’s.

It is creative, strategic, multi-dimensional and amazingly disciplinary. 

As he says that you have to deal with many branches of the organization like the web development teams, brand recognition and many more.

This makes SEO learning, a very complex set of tasks to perform and learn.

Duane Forrester:

According to Dune Forrester, SEO is a widespread and very difficult process. It consists of various aspects which people need to cover for better traffic revenue and all the things linked to them.

He says that the most important ad difficult thing in SEO is to generate better Href links and rel canonicals. 

Eric Enga

According to Eric Enga, SEO is difficult because of the hundreds of different ranking factors that Google has and they are not public about it.

This makes SEO really difficult because the learners have to analyze and study all sorts of factors in order to be great at SEO

Wrapping It All Up!!

So these are some of the interesting comments or opinions which 4 Experts Answer why is SEO Difficult.

These will surely help you to understand the hurdles in order to overcome the difficulties which most people face while learning about SEO.

I am sure you will love all the contents of this article as it will contain four of the top experts at geek powered studios and their opinion on why SEO is difficult.

We hope that after gaining all the information you needed to know related to the top experts at geek powered studios and their opinion on why SEO is difficult, you will be able to understand all aspects of it.

But if there is anything which you find bugging in your head still then there is no need to worry about it at all because you can ask us anything you like to know.

We will thoroughly research all the aspects of your questions and provide you with the best possible solutions for your queries.

So stay tuned for more amazing and catchy updates on your favorite topics which will help you on various grounds. 

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