“If your post gets a lot of traffic, social shares and comments, the blog owner will most likely accept guest posts from you again.” It’s a famous quote by Neil Patel. Have you started a startup and that’s presently not scaling much? If your answer is yes, then you might have come across these words – content marketing, blogging, guest posting, etc. Guest Posting, it is that magical wand which can uplift any startup or business. It’s a nice thought to be adapted because it comes with bundles of benefits and some drawbacks also. Guest Blogging is currently emerging as an efficient way to interact with bloggers. Guest blog posts give exposure among established community of readers. We will help you to know more how to pitch your guest posts effective and strong. There are some tips and techniques which can be implemented to hit the goal.

1.Find target loop hole

First, you should look through, decide and set some target sites where you would like to post your content as a guest. The type of audience you are looking for your startup could be used as a deciding factor.

2.Scannnig optimally

You should carefully go through the type of content available on the targeted site. Before proceeding towards writing, some research work and case study should have to be done. This will help you in enhancing your content and it will well cast with the current scenarios. The way of writing should be optimal so that readers think that the author has performed reality check while writing.

3.Really good content

One should be very careful about the quality of the content of the blog you write. You should carefully examine what type of blogs are there, what type of readers are there, and then frame your content.  You should understand the way of writing on the sites which you are posting for. This is important because different variety of readers, who might have been qualified in different niches will also be accessing your content.

  1. 4. Feedback from others

After writing the content, put some feedback indication like honest opinions are welcomed, etc. Basically, ask your readers for relevant feedback will help you in improvising your way to write and help you to learn and interact with consumers.

  1. Visualize your content

As people say, a picture can convey more than thousand words. The most powerful way to attract more traffic towards your content is to make them imagine or visualize things. This can be done by adding clear and appropriate pictures. It is very efficient way to convey your message to the readers in the best possible way.

  1. Test as an audience

Once try reading your post as a third person. This will help you to debug, to find drawbacks and you will get to know the positivity of your content.

  1. Do tricks in a smarter way: Normalization

Try to include links to your business site at relevant positions. Do not put to many links as it looks so weird and is also a bad practice. Make it normalize.

  1. Hit first: Make your first post the best

This is one of the effective process to grab public attention. It is a saying that the first impression is the last impression, hence you should always try to make your first post relevant, appropriate and of top quality with extraordinary spark.

  1. 9. Mistakes aren’t accepted

You just cannot afford to make mistakes because you are getting a favor from blog owner to write as a guest post. Read and understand their terms and guidelines. Always try to assemble your words according to the way, the principle they follow. This will help in creating a mutual bond which can be beneficial for you.

  1. 10. Know from where to start

Always start with the industry leading posts which you already know. This will help in building a network and interacting with many other readers and writers.

  1. 11. Be Secure

You should have some basic overview regarding securing a guest post. You should get interact with the bloggers and pitch your idea to them clearly. Do not be in a hurry to read the guest posts submission and follow all the instructions given over there. Try to be consistent and limited while framing, for ex., if word limit is 200 make sure that you are within the range not exceeding the limits.

12.End with a spark: close with sub headline

As a professional blogger, end your post with a slogan that you are done and expecting some relevant suggestions. You should always use words in a smarter way here. You should be able to create a blanket effect to your content. i.e. it should cover the entire conditions and requirements smoothly.

These are some tips and techniques which will help you in hitting your business to sky. Implementing these will help you in perfectly pitching your guest posts. We hope it will be beneficial to you in long run.

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