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All about guest posting services you need to know about

Anyone who keeps a blog knows the daily struggle to generate traffic, expand their audience and get valuable backlinks to position themselves well in the search engines. And a good idea to get better results is to bet on a typical practice of Inbound Marketing: the Guest Post. Do you know what this is and how to use it to enhance your online presence? Check out!

What is the Guest Post service?

It is the practice of writing and posting articles on websites or blogs of other people and companies. The page owner gives space for guests to promote quality content to their audience. The invited author, in turn, can include in the text links that redirect to his own blog. And what is the guest posting service? This is a service that provides promotional services with quality content as well as its placement on popular sites.

What characterizes a Guest Post?

At first the guest author needs to follow some guidelines, such as maintaining the standard of blog communication, writing on related topics, making sure to actually be offering content that will be beneficial to readers and of course identifying themselves at the beginning or at the end of the text. Making a guest post is not about writing about yourself or promoting your own product or service. You can even cite them as an example to illustrate a point raised, but without propaganda! This could hurt your image and the blog that hosted your post.

What are the main advantages of doing guest posting method?

Boosts your audience

The guest post is an exchange and both parties can benefit. Depending on the reputation of the blog and the guest author, this synergy can generate great results in terms of audience for both.

For example, your company sells soccer-related products (shirts, soccer boots, etc.) and maintains a blog with a good number of daily hits. You get in touch with a blogger who writes about football and has a large audience on the site and on social networks. By posting captivating content to that blogger’s public, it will qualify and increase the audience of both blogs – and the advantage will be a little greater for you, as it will be reaching a group of readers (and even potential customers) that were not part of your traffic common.

Expands your network of contacts

You or your business can begin forming valuable contact groups to maintain a regularity of guest posts. In addition, articles can be shared on social networks, increasing the penetration of your brand on these platforms.

Generates more influence in the market

By positioning yourself as the authority on the subject for other people, you increase your influence in the segment and may even receive other proposals to create guest posts on more blogs – as well as become a reference to the public.

Free guest posting blogs? Avoid them!

You need to avoid free guest posting blogs on the market. Free guest posting blogs may look interesting but they are not good for your site later. You will receive a lot of quality backlinks, which instead lead quality readers to your site they will place your site in the middle of a sea of bad quality and general backlinks. This is something that all professional web masters don’t want. Free guest posts blogs are only intended to accommodate various content regardless of the niche. Guest posting methods with free guest posting blogs will not increase natural traffic and Google (and other search engines) will view your site as one of the millions of not qualified sites.

How to buy Guest Posting Services in USA and UK

There is no easier way to search for anything other than searching with Google. Google provides any information in just a few clicks. If you want to find guest post services in the USA and UK, use related keywords on Google so you will get your search results in just a split second. The biggest challenge is when choosing one or several of the best. You need to know the evaluation parameters that determine the quality of a service. Make sure they only put your content into quality sites. You have the right to receive what you pay for. There are many non-quality services scattered out there. They come with exciting offers but by knowing the evaluation parameters you can prevent them dealing with you.

Guest Posting packages

There are various packages offered in this business; each has its own purpose. But the two most famous are placing content with links and without links. With the link it means that the reader will be directed to click the link that is installed and without the link it means that the reader is directed to buy a particular product that is promoted without having to click any link. They (readers) will search for the product in question without a guide link. This second method might seem natural but to increase traffic, this is not recommended. The second method is only recommended when you really master the search page. Select the guest posting service that provides various packages. The more complete packages offered, the more professional the guest posting service.

Dofollow link only: Why?

Dofollow blogs are the target of bloggers because they want backlinks to strengthen their SEO off-page. But many bloggers don’t realize that when they deal with nofollow links they are actually wasting their valuable time. Google does not take nofollow links seriously and the links will not significantly increase visibility. But relying on dofollow links without regard to content will signal to Google that you are running SEO spamming. This is one of the things that Google doesn’t like the most. Choose guest posts blogs that are relevant to the theme of your site and make sure they allow dofollow links.

Guest posting is a promotional method without giving the impression of spamming, but the wisdom in carrying it out is needed.


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