How many types of ports

Who was john Napier

Ans: John Napier , a scottish mathematician, created logarithm tables to facilitate
Q: Define high level language?
Ans: High level languages are close to human languages and far from the machine language.These are machine independent language which are also Known as ” third generation ” languages. These languages consist of English Words, basic mathematical symbols and a few punctuation characters. These languages allow simple statements to be expressed concisely. Each high level language has its own language translater.
Q: Why were punched cards used?
Ans: Invention of punched cards opened a gate to modern data processing .
       IBM and other computer manufacturers came forward and started          production of punched-card using computers. These computer could add, multiply and sort numbers. Data were fed and results were produced on punched cards.
Q: How many types of ports are there?
     Write their names.
Ans: There are three types of ports:
1)    Serial ports            2)     Parallel ports

3)     USB Ports   

More Ports Types

Serial Port. DB-25. DE-9 or RS-232 or COM Port.
Parallel Port or Centronics 36 Pin Port.
Audio Ports. Surround Sound Connectors or 3.5 mm TRS Connector.
Video Ports. VGA Port.
Digital Video Interface (DVI) Mini-DVI. Micro-DVI.
Display Port.

Q ;  Define Date Bus ?

Ans ; The most common bus is the date bus. A date bus carries. it is an electrical path that connects the central processing unit (CPU), memory,, input / output devices and secondary storage devices.
Q ; What is meant by out put?
Ans; The information which is received on output devices called output.
(i) What is CD-R ?
Answer; A CD-Recordable (CD writer) is a drive that allows you to record information to a CDR disk (compact Disk Recoverable). The recorded information can be a mixture of data, digital audio, and video. A CDR disk will hold a maximum of 700 megabytes of data or 800 minutes of digital audio or vedio.
in cases of mixing formats, the amount of information is proportional to each other.
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