Moral story is a source of character building. It inspires the people on the action. It also provides moral Lesson to the reader. It is also a source of pleasure and entertainment. There is a well-known story to illustrate the given title.

Once upon a time a merchant sold a number of article in a market and collected a heavy amount of money. It was evening. He saddled his horse and decided to return to his own village. In this way, he suddenly saw that a nail of the show of the horse had come off. As he was in a hurry, he did not take is serious. He continued his journey as the sun was setting. he galloped the horse at full speed. He was still on his way had hardly covered half the distance when he noticed that another nail of the shoe had come off.  He paid no attention to it and kept on galloping the horse. He hoped to reach his goal as early as possible.

He did not stop to look out for a blacksmith. He thought to set the nail right after reaching his goal. At last, all the nails of the shoe came off and the horse started limping . his speed also became slow. the night also overcame him. Darkness prevailed on all sides. The merchant was getting late. He whipped his horse but it did not run fast. So he got down from the horse and began to walk on foot taking the bridle if horse in his hand. He was moving slowly and cursing him self when all of a sudden, some robbers appeared there. They snatched everything from him and also carried away his horse. The merchant returned home with a sad and ashamed face. If he had cared to put a nail in the shoe of the horse in time, he would not have lost his horse and money.

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