Important Things You Should Know About San Diego Before Visit!

When you think of San Diego, what do you think about in the first place? Do you think of the sunny beaches, rich culture, or outdoor entertainments? Do you still believe that San Diego vacation will cost you big money? In reality, it is time to learn more about this city and find out what is what. Where to start? Just rent a car in San Diego for free movement and try to follow the instructions below.

Sand Diego Experience

You and your family can enjoy a memorable San Diego vacation without going over budget. It’snotaproblematall! Whatelsedidyouexpect? Thecitycanboastthenaturebeauties, cleanstreets, richhistory, andvastnumberofattractions.Is there something you should know before taking a trip?


The climate in California is almost perfect. It is probably the best in America. Thetemperatureistemperate. Itisalwayslightandwarmhere! Thereisnomaximumandminimum. Thetemperatureissimilarlygoodduringtheyear. Youdon’tneedyourjacketsandwarmpantseveninJanuary. So, packlight! Shorts and light jeans are enough to feel comfortable.


  1. 2. Be ready for water attractions!

SanDiegoisacityofrichsea history. Thisisalsotheplacewhereyoucanseetheworld oldestactiveyacht and many other historical boats. Actually, you can see a lot of interesting sea attractions in the sea and around it. Ifyouwant, youcantaketheseatour to discover more interesting places. Finally, San Diego is interesting by land and by sea.

  1. Get prepared to the beach life!

The beach line in Sand Diego lasts for 70 miles. So, youhaveaniceopportunitytohavebeachattractions. Youcanspendtimeinthebeachpool, climbupthetop of the highest rock, explore the sea depth, and go diving. Thereisonemorewaytodiscover more interesting facts about the sea – take La Jolla and Mission Beach Tour. Thistourtakesyoufor 24 milesalongtheMission Beach, La Jolla, and Old San Diego. You can dive, swim, or just enjoy the sea views.


  1. 4. Historical facts!

You should know that San Diego is a city of rich history. You should start your historical tour from visiting old part of the city, so-called Old San Diego. BalboaParkisyournextstop. Actually, Balboa is a beautiful city park that occupies the territory of about 1200 acres. You can find not only numerous historical exhibitions and installations here, but the oldest library. The collection contains about 40 million of books, where you can read about the glorious past of the city.

  1. 5. Familyvacation! Whynot?

San Diego is a good city for your family vacation. The beaches, good weather, water attractions and the City Zoo are at your disposal. San Diego Zoo is 10th biggest zoo in the world. Morethan 5 000 animalslivethereandabout6 000 sorts of plants. Youcanadmirethehippos, giantpandas, koalas, gorillas, giraffes. Your kids will be impressed!


  1. 6. Specific food!

The question about where to find some food is always hot. SanDiegoisacityofmanydifferentrestaurants. Also, thisisaplacewhereyoucanfindalotofMexicanrestaurants.Ofcourse, Mexicoissituatedashortdrivefromhere! So, don’t miss hot and spicy Mexican cuisine! You are welcomed in the outdoor terraces and colorful restaurants. Whatdoyouprefer? Tryburritoornachos! Also, youshouldtryfishdelicacies. Thefishisfreshandtastyhere! Enjoy it!


  1. Go hiking!

San Diego is a good platform for all who like hiking! There are many touristic trails all around. Blue sky, ocean breeze, sunlight will follow you on your hiking. There are many parks in San Diego and you are invited to see all nearby attractions, like the Cabrillo Monument, Regional Park trails, Torrey Pines Reserve and Balboa Park. There is enough space to bike, walk, and run through the trail. If you need a guide, you can take it for additional fee!

If you want to get an excursion for weekend, you can go to the Joshua National Park or Anza State Park.These two are good for all tourists with their sandy pathways, nature views, and marvelous city scenes, beaches. You can ask for the night excursion, if you are brave enough. The nights in San Diego are chilly. So, you need something to wear except for your shorts.

Whatever you are going to travel in California, come to San Diego! This is the city when the time stops, wait for your coming! Just book a hotel from your phone and start packing!

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