How to Create Professional Grade Logo Online

Logo making is sometimes a great challenge, as it is not easy to figure out a logo that is not only tasteful and eye-catching, but also symbolizes some level as it is a company or what a product or service is. If you have good ideas, you can hire a professional graphic designer. Or not? Is it possible for someone to create a professional quality logo at home? Well, with the webpage that will be presented today, it is not impossible either.

DesignEvo: Make a logo easily and online

DesignEvo is an online and effectivetool for logo designing from beginner to professional. After a quick and free registration, you can start working on it. If you start from the preset templates, you just search with keywords or pick a category that best matches your business to find the appropriate logo. After that, you may need to input the name and slogan of your own, or else you can change the color and elements that are ready on the template.

DesignEvo can do more than that. Instead of getting started with templates, you can even design a logo completely from zero. To do this, you get a vast collection of icons with very demanding graphics that can be customized on the canvas: change colors, rotate, resize, and so on. If you have more than one piece, you can manage layers and layoutsseparately.

Then you go to add the required text – the company name, or maybe a slogan.The text can also be formatted. You can choose from a variety of fonts or click on the Art tab to find some spectacular pre-formatted solutions. Besides, you can even modify the style, thickness, shadow, glow, letter spacing, or even curve text.

Finally, if necessary,you come with a host of different shapes includingbadges, decorations, lines, banners, and symbols. In addition, they are all vector graphics, so it is freely scalable and rotatable as required.

As you can see, you get virtually everything to make logos if you do not have any graphics motives. We must point out that the online interface works at an enjoyable speed. So from the beginner’s point of view, they all thought. You will find that you can producea relatively customized logo in a few minutes, which significantly reduces the number of hours worked.

With DeisgnEvo, you can start designing a logo for free and save projects for later re-editing. Once you’ve created afree logo, you can download it to a maximum of 500 × 500 pixels in JPG/PNG format. If you would need a higher resolution, or maybe vector format, there are two paid packages available – Basic with $19.99 and Plus with $39.99. With them,you can get PNGs of 5000×5000 pixels, even with transparent backgrounds. Interestingly, on the download page, you can get a preview of your logo on a business card, site header, t-shirt, wall, letter, brochure, etc. So before you buy, you can quickly imagine how it will look like when you’re using it sharply.

How will it look in expanded form, as a custom neon logo sign or wall decal etc.
If the logo is so intricate that you can’t expand it effectively, it may not be the ideal choice for your brand, especially if you are customer facing.
Keeping brand continuity should definitely be a priority.

Overall, DesignEvo is an easy-to-use logo maker that anyone can use to create custom and unique logos. It also has mobile app support, and you can use it on your iOS and Android devices.

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