How to Play Technology Important Role in Airline

Flight technology company SITA says passengers should look forwards to better flying next year, thanks to technology. Matthys Serfontein, vice director of airport solutions at SITA, says the common factor is the simple fact airports are becoming more efficient while airlines are solving a lot of common problems that make traveling on airlines stressful.

  1. RFID Technology is Used To Carry Your bags

“RFID is not really a new technology. Hong Kong Cosmopolitan Airport and McCarran Essential Airport in Vegas have been using it very successfully for several years, ” Serfontein said. “The difference in 2017 is that major international air carriers will start using it across their networks. Inch “Delta Airlines has already announced a $50 mil investment in RFID at 344 stations around the globe to the a hundred and twenty million bags it copes with, ” he added. “More airlines follows. In simple world mobile airline tech is leaving good impact on passangers.”

2 – Using of Sophisticated Technology in Airline

The lines at security caused big head aches for U. S. travelers this year, but technology will make those lines more manageable next 12 months.

“Airports today are using superior technology to assess and predict queues at air-ports. Things like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensors, cameras, and airport and airline systems analysis, all come jointly with highly complex codes to predict queue times at choke points during the airport, ” Serfontein said. “Now you can walk into the airport terminal and know how long it will require to get through the various checkpoints. Inch. Some people highly encourage the mobile airline techs because they feel it is better for anyone loves to travel.

This technology also helps airlines and airports plan resources to keep those lines short.

“When the system predicts long security wait times, for example, more security staff can be deployed. Queue inspecting technology is the perfect win-win for passengers, inch Serfontein said. “And it isn’t the future: That is happening now. Orlando, florida International Airport and Phoenix az Sky Harbor Airport fatal are two of the airports that are already successfully making use of this technology. Lots of Airline companies provide the facility of mobile airline tech app easy to download on their website for quick relationship.

Use of Technology makes Airline More Secure

“The obstacle is how to affect the balance between a smooth passenger journey and excellent security, ” Serfontein said. “The widespread ownership of ePassports has already reduced the ability for personality fraud and now these passports can be used with biometric technology to get passengers through line checkpoints smoothly and firmly. inch

SITA has developed a “Smart Path” system which lets passengers get through the airport and board the aircraft simply with a biometric check.

“The passenger’s biometric details are captured by using a facial scan at the first touch point in the journey, inches Serfontein said. “The record is checked against the passenger’s travel documents, typically the passport, and a secure single token is made. Then, at each step of the journey–from abfertigung, to aircraft boarding or border control–passengers gain get simply with a face scan and without having to show their passport or boarding pass. very well

Important Feature is Scan and Soar

Flight companies and airports have recently been investing automation so that we can skip the check-in lines and make a bee-line for the shops and restaurants. “More than 90 percent of airports have kiosks for check-in. Now checking in your bag yourself is starting to become more popular too–61 percent of airports have aided bag drop but more than a quarter let passengers do it by themselves, ” Serfontein said. “Doing it yourself is fast and with more airports offering the service less passengers will need to wait for an agent’s help. 2017 is placed to see the amount of self-service bag drop areas really increasing and SITA’s research implies that back up to 72 percent of airports plan to own it by the end of 2019. “

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