New Outlook Gmail Features 2018


As the change in setting towards the trends of using mobile features we will have all the best of business mailing with the android and smart phone users.  Trends are being as changed for the users we will get to have all the same mailing, receiving and sending features through the mobiles.

On the mobile side Google actually bet additional notification setting to the people for their alerts and as more manageable for the people with the overflowing of the inboxes. New Outlook Gmail features 2018 new Gmail features are exactly aimed at the new business customers so as that attempt to get further businesses using the G suit features along with. Here are described the best Outlook Gmail features 2018.

Millions people are now using the features of outlook and now the Microsoft is unveiling a number of outlook features along with the sending and receiving the mails. Not only on the computer, laptop or PC we can also use all the main and new Outlook Gmail features 2018 anywhere we want like on iOS, android, windows and smart phone. Actually the Google has clearly rolling out the new massively established Gmail for the desktop and the mobile to the 1.4 billion of users in all around the world.

Automatic Outlook Calendar Changes

Checking to have the updates further on daily bases and you will required then for that necessary sake outlook has been giving the options to its users and viewers the correct and accurate date as per their region.

The Outlook Mail and Mobile Changes Features

The Microsoft is adding better support for the emails you are blind as the compiled in on more and more. If you actually go to the reply to an email then you will be in the BCC field and then some kind of Outlook for your windows or the android technology. Outlook for iOS and Andorid are also getting number of the good features soon for the users.

As we all know Gmail is world’s best mailing option for us, there is no particular alternative of sending, receiving and saving the data you need the most. Google is also adding the popular smart replies for Andorid users’ functions and features then the originally available as part of the inbox app for users. Now recently additionally desktop inboxes will have shortcuts for great archiving, snoozing and the further messages deleting there.

Self Destruction of Emails

Functions and features lets you as sending the emails and that are disappear from the recipients inbox right after the periods and you can also revoke at any of the time even with the other sent mails.

Un-Forward Able Emails

As confidential emails open into the special window does not allow the recipient to the next as cop or the print the email through receiver can still grab a screen shoot or the snap a picture from their devices and mobile.

Factor Authentication for Your Emails

In the latest features of outlook Gmail in 2018 people can enable the 2FA for a single mail or requiring the recipients to enter the secret pass code through the SMS before opening it.

Creation of Folder for Common Searches

You can also search the documents you want and then it will be easy for you and if there is a unique thing then you can get by typing into the search field above the message lists available there. You can also use to get further as having for common searches there.

If you are using the G suit technology through the accounts for working or the school then you can also be as enable the new Gmail through setting icon into the top right corner available. Available features at the launch include smart replies and then snooze the emails and further technology panel on the right side of the mail account interface for the quick accessing tasks.

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