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7 features of Microsoft Office 2016 that you’ll love

The re-launch of Microsoft’s flagship software suite is an important update, offering a host of collaborative features that integrate more closely with SharePoint and OneDrive than before. Interested? You can download it with ms office 2016 free download full version with product key.

  1. Real-time co-authoring

You and your colleagues can write and edit Word documents and PowerPoint presentations that are saved in SharePoint or OneDrive without overwriting each other’s changes. Writing in real time, a function that allows you to see what others write, for now is only available in Word. PowerPoint has the co-authoring tool, but not the writing in real time.

  1. Sharing documents is now easier

Now you can share your documents in Office 20016 thanks to the ‘Share’ button in the options menu. This tool is available in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The button allows sharing the access to the document with other people and it serves to make a management of the permissions as well as to see who is editing the work. As with co-authorship, documents must be saved in SharePoint or OneDrive.

  1. Able to send large files

Although the possibility of sending large files to other people through a private URL is not new, the fact that this option is integrated into Office 365 it is relevant from the point of view of productivity. The attachments that are added to emails in Outlook are automatically converted into links where the recipients of the message can download the information – assuming they have an account in OneDrive or SharePoint. You can also review the settings to give editing permissions or simply attach the file as a copy. Enjoy the feature soon by downloading this version with Microsoft office 2016 32 bit free download full version with product key.

4 – History of old versions

Did you make an error while editing a document, or accidentally deleted content and you barely notice? For files saved in SharePoint and OneDrive Business (this does not work for OneDrive at the moment), Office 2016 allows you to access past versions of Office files directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Just go to File> History to see a list of all previous versions. Click on the one you want and load it in a separate window. The function is also useful for reviewing the first drafts of documents when editing a file or using the co-authorship function. Microsoft office 2016 free download full version with product key kickass is recommended.

  1. Intelligent search

Intelligent Search is a new feature that allows you to highlight a word and, by selecting the option in the right-click menu, access related information without having to leave Office. It can be used to look up the meaning of a new word, or to gain a bit of context with an unknown term. The results are shown by Bing and loaded into a side panel within your work window.

6 – Backup for Office Groups 365 in Outlook Office 2016

Expand The Groups tool in Outlook 2016 was added in a low voice with the launch of Office 2016. You can create a group for your friends or friends to join. Each group has its own inbox, calendar, repository of shared files and integrated OneNote notes.

7 – New Office 2016 graphics

For those who felt that the selection of graphics in Office is boring, Microsoft has added a lot of new tables to Excel that will help users to do a better job at the time to visualize the financial or hierarchical data. Click on the links provided to see how they look and how to use them.

Hopefully this article can answer your doubts about Microsoft Office 2016. You can download this by using ms office 2016 free download full version with key.

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