How To Become Website Spam In Google – Barriers & Solutions 2018

What is the Spam

When you do something on your website against google rules, your website become spam by google but we are discuss which things you do when google take action against your website,

1 – Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is one of the top point which breaks the rules of google because google does not like duplicate content, It want to give something unique to its costumers because of increasing the good reputation of google in all over the world.

2- Fake Information

Google need something new but real information for its customers but when someone write unique content but fake google gives negative points which may be cause spamming your website but not always does this.

3 – Irrelevant Content 

Do not post irrelevant content on your because google always likes related to your website all articles from you but when you post essay writing content on your software related site, google does not like it and can make your site spamming.

4 – Large Valium of Backlinks in Few Days

Do not get lots of backlinks for your website in some days because when you have not good valium of quality content but collect lots of back links relevant or irrelevant both will hurt your website worth in google.

5 – Website Not Updated

when your articles are fixed and website updation not carry on google always ignore this website because of not indexing new in it. On the other hand, your backlins valium increasing day by day.

6 – Ignore Each Page to Update

There are lots of websites on which one post added after that post will not be update because of ignore old page so it not good because when you post new you have to update this post in each week and google like also each post to be updated with new information.

7 – Don’t Advertise Costumer keyword in Content

When you sell post on your site do not post article with your client anchor text because keyword promotion google does not like so post only nature link in your sell post.

8 – Avoid From Do follow Link 

Don’t put your customer link in do-follow condition because considered it one link from your site so let your customer first, i will live no-follow link.

What Happen If Website Included in Google Spam Box

There are lots of plenty involve when any website included in google spam box due to someone work against google rules and regulation, what are the disadvantages of website spamming,

1 – Your website will be de-indexed in google.

2 – Customer will not accept your site when paid post.

3 – All articles be waste and also back links be zero.

Solutions From Avoiding Spam 

There are some useful information for you to avoid spamming but only follow us below,

1 – Unique content is need to be posted on your site.

2 – Real information and also tips type content google accept.

3 – Always update your website and also each post on regular basis.

4 – Relevant back links need but few.

5 – Don’t put keywords in your content only write informative content.

6 – All contents must be relevant to your website.

7 – Don;t add your customers do-follow link and also anchor keyword in post.

8 – English must be good but in simple words.

Note – follow all above tips and try to avoid your website spamming from google eyes.

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