20 Interesting Facts about Education

Learn more about the education all over the world. Discover which weird traditions students have, whether they enjoy classes or not, and how the educational process is organized.

20 Most Interesting Facts about Education

 Today the educational process is in step with the times and progress, both technical and scientific – to help the student and the teacher. Everyone knows how it is important to get an education. Without it, the existence and development of society are impossible. The good education requires significant financial costs from the state.

Have you known that the government of Alaska allocates more money on the primary and secondary education than other countries while Somalia spends the least amount of money? Not surprisingly, it is in this country there is the highest percentage of illiteracy. In 1990, it was 76%. Want more interesting facts about education, which not everyone knows? Then familiarize yourself with the facts below, and, perhaps, they will be of use to you when you are assigned to write an essay for college as teachers always love curious students. There is a collection of the most incredible facts:


  1. Oxford, Cambridge, and the Sorbonne are considered to be the oldest working universities. But this opinion is wrong. The most ancient is the Moroccan University Al-Karaouine. It opened its doors to the first students in 859 AD.


  1. It’s never too late to learn. This was proved by the American woman Elizabeth Eichelbaum. Shortly after the celebration of her 90th birthday, she received the Ph.D.


  1. The real “eternal student” was the British Robert Cronin. In 1948, he entered the Faculty of Biology in Princeton. Diploma of the graduation Cronin received only in 2000 at the age of 72. As a result, having spent 52 years studying at the university, Robert Cronin became the oldest graduate.


  1. In the Indian city, there is a school working on the Montessori system. It is very popular. Almost 28 thousand applications for studies in it were sent in 2003.


  1. Outstanding loyalty and friendship were demonstrated by graduates of one of the schools of the Cherokee County, who graduated in 1929. Despite everything, they met each year. After 74 years, only 9 of the 30 people could attend the alumni meeting.


  1. Not everyone is eager to see those with whom they once sat at one desk. For example, former pupils of the kindergarten and the school of Miss Blanche Miller decided to meet only 70 years later. By this time, many of the former students had died.


  1. In Germany, more than 2,500 former students came to congratulate the school on its 100th anniversary. It was the most massive meeting of graduates.


  1. To ensure that their children become true ladies and gentlemen, the parents of the students of the International School of Spencer (London) need to pay at least 77.5 thousand pounds sterling. Training lasts only a month. All this time pupils live in prestigious hotels, study etiquette, and visit theaters.


  1. In 2003, the Australian Laidley School hosted a lecture on the biology of Professor Marie Barrows, which lasted 54 hours. 26 people came to listen to her.



  1. American scientist-hypnotherapist Roland Dant in 1986 read a two-day lecture course. For this, he received a record fee – more than $ 3 million.
  2. Many famous Americans, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Gere, Tom Hanks, Walt Disney, began their post-secondary education in the professional two-year “community” colleges.
  3. There are a lot of schools in Europe, which allow pupils to enjoy not only the lunchtime but to have a milk break as well.
  4. German parents know how to make their kids happy on the first day of school following the tradition to present a package full of sweets.
  5. Greek universities are so loyal that provide a number of bonuses to enjoy. That’s why compared to students of other educational establishments, here nobody wants to graduate from the university as even eating in the canteen is free. Some students finish studying at the age of 30.
  6. Americans don’t allow their kids to miss classes often as according to the law they can be arrested if children don’t get the necessary education.
  7. Chinese students never feel tired studying at the university as the double-period lasts 40 minutes instead of the standard hour and a half.
  8. Finish schools hire two teachers to work in the same class if to be more exact, one of them is a teacher and the second one is his assistant at the lesson.
  9. Teachers working in Czech schools seem to know everything as the same person can teach completely different disciples, for example, Physics and History.
  10. According to the statistics, there are more teachers-women than men almost everywhere in the world with the only exception: in Japan only men could choose the profession of the teacher for a long time and even nowadays you are likely to be taught by a man than by a woman.
  11. To study in the Finnish school is a dream of any pupil as the teachers never ask to go to the blackboard if the pupil doesn’t want to answer. Teachers are sure that it is not good to make a person feel uncomfortable in front of his classmates.
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