How to Explain SEO to Clients

When you search client for SEO job you must know how to address with them and on which points you have to talk with him but there are two things you must know about your client.

1 – You must know about the client – is he know the SEO along with full internet searching skill also?

2 – Second Q is he does not know the internet search and also SEO.

SEO Non Skill Client

If you client do not know the internet skill and also SEO skill, you must explain him very clearly through search all SEO tools such as how you will do things for increasing ranking in google. You must also use lots of analogies or comparisons when you are searching SEO related material.

Client Experience about Internet Searching

If you client know about internet search, you must let know simply about SEO and how will you work on his site but way of teaching must be simple and easy for him do not use analogies or comparisons too much.

Different Styles of Addressing to Your Client

There are different ways of teaching to your clients according to their understanding power but there are 3 different way of teaching such as verbal, visual and physically.

1 – We can deliver the massage of SEO to our client through phone call or meeting resources or during party with soft manner along with simple steps.

2 – We can send email fully with SEO concept written or diagram or graph and most importantly in images because these are simple way of visual teaching to your client.

3 – We can teach our client through multimedia, laptop, PC and projector because these are the physically training or teaching tool for your client.

How to Start Conversation with Your New Client

If your client does not know totally basic of SEO, you must let him what is the meaning of SEO (search engine optimization) and how you will work for his site.

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