How to Use Microsoft Word 2008

Microsoft Word is one of the most important factor of Microsoft Excel because it is posses in MSE(microsoft excel). We can want to give you some training or tips to use it because lots of young man or matric students want to use MS but do not know so follow our tips:-

1 – Click on Start menu which is on left below corner.

2 – You will see Microsoft excel and click on it.

3 – After click on it, you will click on Microsoft word and it will be open.

4 – first you have to save it after click on “Control + S” or right click and push button on “save” and it will ask for where you want to save this file.

5 – Select one place from left corner like desktop and write your file name like sthint and click on save button.

6 – now your file has saved on desktop with sthint name. Open this file and start typing on it what you want.

7 – If you type anything but your font size is small select 12 or 14 font size and your words font will be good.

8 –  you can on above image, 14 is font size you can increase or decrease size. See near ab, you will see color click on “A” and select any type of color but after select words which you type.

9 – If you want to use following features which will change your writing size mostly use in heading too.

10 – You can change format of your paragraph like if you want all your paragraph start from left corner click on first button and if you want in middle click on second button or you want right corner click on third button but after click on paragraph and See image below,

Note – If you read our article carefully, you will learn something and you can see image also will guide you some clearly so learn Microsoft word and also send our link to your friends too.

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