100% Instant Approval Free Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List 2022

What is Comment Posting?

Comment posting is one of the old link building tool which is used in website ranking along with increase back links How to Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca.

Definition of Comment Posting

“Write good comment related to post and put your link in it and post to other site through filling form called comment posting.”

New Commenting Sites – 2022



















Dofollow Comment posting

Dofollow comment always play important role in backlinks but nofollow comments are bad for your site and also time wasting because google do not count no-follow comments reason low ranking only.

How To Check Dofollow Comment

If you do not know is this comment is Dofollow or no follow it is very simple method to check.

  • Open website where you have posted comment.
  • Right click on your anchor.
  • Click on inspect.
  • You will see coding.
  • If your coding show it is no-follow, then your comment Is no-follow otherwise you comment link will be Dofollow.
  • Always get do-follow comments not nofollow comments

Disadvantages of Nofollow Comments And Advantages of Do-follow Comments

No-follow Disadvantages

1 – Nofollow comment will not count as backlinks in google

2 – Nofollow comment will not increase your website ranking in google

3 – It is time and money wasting process

4 – Do not try no-follow link because client will cancel order and you will lost client.

Advantages of Dofollow blogs

There are lots of advantages of free Dofollow blogs which will be good for you website read more

1 – Dofollow blogs will increase your backlinks volume in google eyes

2 – You can save your clients with dofollow blogs commenting sites

3 –   Your website ranking will increase after using free do-follow commenting sites

4 – Always write good comment for dofollow blog submission sites because good points for blogs can give you benefit in searching your site in google.

How To Search Instant Approval Free dofollow blogs In Google

One of the main question which SEO student always ask how to search instant approval blogs commenting sites list free because they want to save time and money but I always believe when student search free dofollow blogs in google plus and other social media sites. In this way, you can get good free blogs commenting sites of collection.

How to Add Comment Section to Website

If you have create html design website and want to create comment section in your site, you can follow our tips to do this process,

1 – First you open html page of your website.

2 – Put following code in your selected page.

<form action=”/html/tags/html_form_tag_action.cfm” method=”post”>


<textarea name=”comments” id=”comments” style=”font-family:sans-serif;font-size:1.2em;”>

Hey… say something!



<input type=”submit” value=”Submit”>


3 – You will see the comment box will be show following like,


If you want to change color you can change following code in your html website.

<form action=”/html/tags/html_form_tag_action.cfm” method=”post”>

<textarea name=”comments” id=”comments” style=”width:96%;height:90px;padding:2%;font-size:1.2em;background-color:gold;”>

Hey… say something!


<input type=”submit” value=”Submit”>


Note- If you want to use comments in pdf, you can try above code in your pdf file, if it is success, you will be happy.

What Are The Advantages of add new comment

There are some very good advantages when you add new comment on other sites read following,

1 – When you add new comment, you will get good back link if comment is do-follow.

2 – It will improve your website ranking in google if you add more do-follow comments for your site on other.

3 – Alex rank will be improved and samrush will be increase.

Note – When you check our all comments list, you will be allowed comments on our list and we will publish it regularly with do-follow and nofollow comments.

How do you get people to comment on your blog?

If you want to get public, traffic or people to comment on your new blog so then information we are going to provide here will be helpful for you. It is reality people put everything you have into blog post, publishing it then promote the post as much as possible for you. With the promotion you will get as much as comments as much want. One of the critical worries bloggers usually have is silent blog syndrome. It is after putting endless hours and of hard work into the blog post and will find that it remains silent. As if you can understand what is going to happen with promotion then it will be easy for you to get more and more comments on blog.

Think about “why no one comments on your blog”

There are lots of issues we face while commenting is not happening. Like it is possible for us that we could not get traffic, we could not get audience, we could not get a well ranking of the site and it is also possible we could not get a status of site in Search engine. So we have to think why no one is commenting on my blog.

Here are things you should think if you are not getting enough comments on blog.

  • Check, do you have a poor site design or not,
  • Do your blog as corporate entity,
  • Think you say anything original,
  • Check do you have boring writing style,
  • Ignore interactions,
  • If you ask for comments so leave asking,

Use three part formula for getting more comments

If you want real comments on your blog so can try three parts formula for getting more and more comments. You can check here the complete way of three part formula and will also get your blog famous.

“Traffic + engagement + emotion = bunches of comments”

In this formula number of comments even more you will get and at least rather than on how much commenting traffic you are getting. If you want more comments then you have to apply this formula that is fantastic.

Engagement is all about how much of reader’s attention we usually have. If they are just skimming post and not really reading or digesting and what are talking about. not exactly and reading or digesting what are talking about and are not going to get comments.

Third way is emotions; it is also about length of time and can also maintain attention. If you want to get visitors to comment on and have to convince them for reading and following if not all about the post.

More comments on blog with blog posts

Now we are describing easy strategies that anyone can start using quick to increase your comment count more and more.

  • Arrange more visitors to subscribe your blog,
  • Always emphasize email over RSS,
  • Publishing less often,
  • Emailing your unopens,
  • You can ask for the links,
  • Reviving archives,
  • Writing more passions for commenting,
  • Assault the norm,
  • Telling a tearjerker,
  • Attacking common enemies in posts,
  • Often give a pep talk,
  • Responding comments you like,
  • Asking questions that is easy to clear,
  • Resorting bribery of blog,

If you want to get people comment creates engagement and can also help them succeed. As getting those of their own butts and are not like boosting the comment count.

Try to get posts controversial

In the race of getting more traffic through the comments will be easy if you follow the tips available here. If you can post controversial as much as you can so then you can get more comments than random posts. Blog is like any form of human communication and in order for the listeners to respond and must feel there’s something to respond.

Inviting comments

If you want to add rush on your blog then inviting comments is really effective. It is noticed by experts and specifically inviting comments that people leave them in higher numbers. Actually some kind of people confuses other with their comments so they used to read from the top to end all comments.

Always make it easy to comment on blog

According to your site whether it is possible to comment easily or not will make the visitors in trouble. Never make your visitors in trouble and give them free space, openly commenting on your post will be fine thing. it is easiest way to you commenting and will give more traffic through commenting.

Asking interrogation questions

Asking questions from the start you can specifically increase the blog comments and ultimately traffic. Including specific questions and in posts definitely helps getting higher number of comments. Getting headings and interrogating is fantastic for fetching and attracting people.

Must be open and clear ended

You must be open and clear for issues if you want more comments to your blog and blog posts. If you say everything there is to say on the topic then is less likely to get further adding opinions. People who ask questions according to their blog post remain successful as getting more and more commenting traffic.

Quick interact with comments left

People who are willing to use and own commenting sections is must thing for you. If a person leaves a comment interact with that kind of commenting and interactions. If you want blog commenting instant then interaction with comments is must for you. It is fact you can get comments on your site but also you can get more and more traffic even.

Creation of content for targeted audiences

Reason for ultimate commenting you will need to figure out who are targeted reader and audience. You should focus on comments and you should avoid spammy comments and irrelevant too. You have to delete the comments those are not suitable for you and not exactly to the blog even.

Discuss controversial topics

Any post that creates controversy usually gets the traffic more than the other random posts. Putting question mark after one due to doesn’t work well. There is also nothing as controversy to get people commenting on.

How do you post a comment?

Comment posting is very good source of free back linking because people need to improve website ranking in very low budget. Some people do not know how to do post a comment on good sites please follow our following tips,


1 – Type your name.

2 – Email ID

3 – website address

4 – Write a good comment.

5 – click on submit button and your comment will be submit for renew.


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