BitStarMarkets Review

The first thing that comes to mind when you look at the BitStarMarkets platform is the simplicity of use. It has a moderate number of options for traders. Here is the gist of the review and vital information to take away about the platform. Study the advantages and disadvantages before diving into the rat race of trading. 


What does it do?

The central question for all the trading platforms is how they earn their money. There is no set fee for membership or any type of subscription on the side. No hidden fees were detected either. Every registered user has a lot of free rights on the site. The trick is in the way the platform uses the requests you address. Instead of charging you for things it charges other platforms that cater to your orders. Looking closer at the way the service works, it changes here and there and in total makes good money. The functions you can access are the following:

  • Gold trades. If you pay for a plan, you will get to see the reports of Morningstar. You will also get stock studies, tools for trading, and customer support. 
  • ETF trade;
  • Futures;
  • Mutual Fund. 

What are the trading tools, commissions, and platforms?

If we compare BitStarMarkets to the sharks of the industry, there is a lot of room for improvement. The features are very basic. However, a witty user will easily find a way to use them as effectively as possible. It might not be a solemn platform to which you dedicate all your investments. Yet, it is one of the necessary and helpful ones. To summarize the greatest benefits, we need to mention: 

  1. Features that help with research;
  2. Fractional shares;
  3. Mobile capabilities;
  4. Stock graphs;
  5. Alerts about price changes.

All the features are accessible individually and there is no need to pay for them or order in a bunch. Every user is free to use what they need for their activities. If the need appears, there is a support team that can be contacted regarding any technical issue or a query. 

Knowledge Base

Besides being a place of round-the-clock real-time trading, it is a source of education for beginners and a newsletter for professionals. All traders can find interesting articles and studies on trading. They are reliable and well-written. Besides, selected and categorized by subject-matter experts. The content is presented in different forms. These are videos, presentations, articles, and links. 

Final Opinion

It is an app and website as well. So, the technical side of the platform looks alright. The functionality could be better developed and enriched with more advanced services. However, this lack of options is compensated with low servicing prices. There is a no-commission policy and bonuses at times. Access to the site is possible from any location on the planet. BitStarMarkets is for people who are willing to take their destiny into their hands and not wait for someone to offer it in a membership plan with pre-selected services. It is the one that needs discovery, constant attention, and activity. If you are not active, you do not get your profit. 

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