Qualify for a Free Boiler? Support for Seniors in 2024

If you own your house, get Pension Credit, or rent privately, you are eligible to apply for a free boiler grant. Don’t panic if you don’t receive Pension Credit; boiler grants are still available to those over 60 on Working Tax Credits.


Your home must currently have an inefficient boiler in order to qualify for a boiler upgrade under the ECO4 Grant UK. If your energy-efficient boiler breaks down and is too expensive to fix, you may also be eligible for a boiler replacement or repair at Free Boiler Scheme.


For Seniors Over 60, Free Boilers Under ECO Scheme

The major energy companies fund the government-backed Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme, run by the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem). It is now in the £4 billion funded ECO4, or its fourth and final phase, which is anticipated to last until March 2026.


Major energy suppliers commit to paying households to fight fuel poverty by reducing carbon emissions and the impact on their heating expenses through the project. They accomplish this by offering a wide range of subsidies for enhancing household energy efficiency, which may include free boiler replacement grant.


If your existing boiler is over 60 years old, you could be eligible for government boiler subsidies that would pay all or a significant portion of the cost of replacing it with a new, energy-efficient boiler. The money does not cover boiler repair.


ECO4 Boiler Grants For Pensioners

You must have an outdated, inefficient boiler and receive income-related government assistance to be eligible for an ECO4 award under the free boiler initiative.


Since the state pension is an income-based benefit that begins immediately at age 66, regardless of income, receiving it by itself does not automatically qualify you for financing. 


You do, however, fulfil the requirements for financial assistance for a replacement boiler or heating system if your pension is augmented by pension credit, such as Pension Savings Credit and Pension Guarantee Credit. If you receive the Working Tax Credit, you can also qualify for a boiler grant.


Free Boiler Grants for Senior Citizens, Scotland

Like any other adult, if you are over 60 but under the state pension age, you may be eligible for funding for a new boiler if you get any of the following government benefits:

  • Universal Credit.
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support.
  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).
  • Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA).
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC).
  • Warm Home Discount Scheme rebate.
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP).
  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA).


The eligibility criteria for the Boiler Grant under the ECO Scheme

In addition to receiving benefits, you must fulfil the following requirements to be eligible for financing for free boilers:


  1. Either you own your house, or you rent a private place.
  2. The age of your gas boiler is above eight years.
  3. Your boiler could be more effective.
  4. Your house’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) grade is D, E, F, or G.


Replacement Boiler for Over-60s Through the Flexibility Scheme for Local Authorities

Under the Local Authority Flexibility (LA Flex) scheme, those over 60 without assistance may be eligible for a free boiler replacement. This enables local councils to extend ECO4 eligibility beyond government benefit-receiving families.


Under the government eco4 scheme, homeowners—including those over 60—not receiving means-tested benefits but are on a low income or deemed to be in “fuel poverty” and in danger of living in a chilly house are eligible for boiler replacement grants, Dundee and Cardiff.


Your present boiler must be a non-condensing model, and your annual household income must be less than £31,000 to be eligible for LA Flex financing. Additionally, your house has to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of G, F, or E, or none at all.


In addition, if you have a chilly health issue in your house that is likely to exacerbate, you can qualify for an LA Flex boiler grant.


Benefits of Replacing Your Boiler

In many circumstances, there are several advantages to applying for financing under what is essentially a free boiler replacement programme. Those who qualify for financial help will save money by installing a new boiler.


Gas boilers provide most residences with hot water and heating. Older boilers often have higher operating costs and could be more efficient. Some can lose as much as 40% of the fuel—mostly gas—they utilise. Energy expenses might increase by almost £300 a year as a result. 


How can a Senior apply for a free boiler?


1.Verify your eligibility

Go to the Free Boiler Scheme website’s Eligibility page. There is a form that you may complete there. It will enquire about your location, the state of the heating and insulation in your house, and any government benefits you may be eligible for.


  1. Survey at home

After that, an ECO4 professional surveyor will visit your house to look at problems with the overall energy efficiency of your home and determine exactly what actions may be taken. Our website states that these visits are intended to be as non-intrusive as possible and will not last longer than fifteen minutes.


For free guidance on understanding pension credit and how you could be eligible, go to Age UK. If you qualify, Pension Credit can help you receive additional advantages and a little extra money.

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