Binance Copy Trading: From Newbies to Institutional Offerings

Copy trading has exploded in popularity among cryptocurrency traders seeking to mirror the strategies of experienced investors. As the world’s leading crypto exchange, Binance unveiled native copy trading functionality in October 2023 catering well to casual retail investors and beginners. However, for advanced traders pursuing scale, limitations exist.

While Binance provides a user-friendly tool for novice mirror investing, third-party companies like 3commas, Finestel, Cryptohopper, etc. have different approaches to satisfy this money management need in the market.

This article explores the evolution of copy trading, contrasting the retail-focused social trading features on Binance versus capabilities expected by institutions and crypto business owners looking for more pro/SaaS solutions. It analyzes pioneering solutions that now empower crypto money managers to run bonafide firms equipped with technologies to automate overheads and unlock growth.

What is Binance’s Native Copy Trading Platform?

In October 2023, Binance launched its first native copy trading service that allowed spot traders to copy the orders of “strategy providers”. This social trading functionality attracted over 1 million users in the first month.

It lets followers browse statistics of strategy providers’ past performance. Followers can then choose to copy new trades from their selected providers proportionally, based on either:

  • A Fixed Dollar Amount: You designate a set amount of capital to allocate towards copying the provider’s trades. For example, $1,000. As the leader enters and exits positions, your account mirrors their moves proportionally based on the $1,000 allocation.

  • A Fixed Percentage of Your Balance: You select a % of your account balance to use for copy trading. For instance, 20% of a $10,000 balance equates to $2,000 allocated. As your balance fluctuates, the allocation adjusts to maintain 20% towards copy trading.

This native functionality seems geared towards casual/retail investors looking to learn from the success of established traders. However, limitations around risk management, customization, and monetization exist for more advanced copy trading use cases. This has opened opportunities for third-party providers.

Benefits of Binance’s Own Copy Trading

Some of the benefits of using Binance native copy trading are:

  • It enables novice investors to replicate the strategies of experienced traders in real-time, fostering a culture of shared expertise and knowledge.

  • It reduces entry barriers and enhances risk management by allowing investors to diversify their portfolios and learn from different market perspectives.

  • It fosters community learning and engagement by allowing traders to interact, share insights, and provide feedback to each other.

  • It offers a variety of strategies and assets to choose from, catering to different investment preferences and goals.

How to Use

To use Binance native copy trading, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on or download the Binance app on your mobile device.

  2. Deposit funds into your account using fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

  3. Go to the Copy Trading section on the website or app and click on Start Copying.

  4. Browse through a list of strategy providers based on various criteria such as performance history, popularity rating, risk level, etc.

  5. Select one or more strategy providers that suit your investment style and goals.

  6. Choose how much you want to allocate towards copying each provider’s trades (fixed dollar amount or fixed percentage).

  7. Click on Start Copying Now and wait for your funds to be transferred into your chosen provider’s account.

  8. Monitor your copied trades regularly and adjust your allocations as needed.


The Rise of Third-Party Providers

Independent providers enabled copy trading on Binance well before native offerings. By deeply integrating via API, these allow access to other exchanges beyond just Binance itself – a key advantage over the restricted in-house tools.

Let’s explore some leading platforms in both social trading as well as professional asset management categories:

Retail/Social Trading Focus

  • Wundertrading offers a simple interface for casual investors with some analytical tools for automating basic strategies. Social trading features foster a community environment.
  • emphasizes ease of use for retail traders and lower fees but has limited depth in administration capabilities expected by money managers. The platform is popular among hobbyists.
  • Coinmatics has an intuitive design catering to mainstream crypto traders. It also provides light portfolio analytics and tracking to complement social mirror investing features.

Professional Asset & Money Management

Amateur mirror investing on Binance just doesn’t cut it anymore for professional crypto money managers. Limitations abound around customization, segmentation, branding potential, and multi-account support across brokerages. In response, a new breed of all-in-one digital prime Software has emerged – spearheaded by Finestel.

Finestel delivers enterprise-grade white label infrastructure for crypto trading & copy trading firms to launch entirely branded operations serving institutional crypto allocators.

In summary, the rise of third-party specialists has unlocked innovation exceeding Binance’s constrained proprietary ecosystem. Multi-exchange support and customization prove key differentiators.

Next, we’ll explore Finestel’s Binance copy trading software more to find out its institutional-grade approach to copy trading. However you can see much more technical details here.

Inside Finestel: A Specialist for Professional Copy Trading

Finestel offers an advanced trading infrastructure enabling professional asset managers to run robust crypto copy trading businesses. The platform automates operational overheads so talented traders can purely focus on strategy. It caters to both casual crypto traders just starting out as well as large-scale money management firms. Two core modules are offered:

Copy Trading Bot

The Finestel copy trading bot offers a straightforward software solution for smaller-scale traders and money managers. Users manually connect their master and follower trading accounts to the Finestel dashboard. This links the accounts that will execute and mirror trades respectively. Once connected, Finestel’s algorithms provide rapid and reliable order replication between the accounts. This allows traders with limited investors to benefit from copy trading.

The bot is better suited to casual social trading set-ups rather than professional asset management firms. However it provides precision trade mirroring efficiency at an affordable price point.

White Label Copy Trading Software

For crypto investment managers with larger client bases, Finestel provides customizable white label copy trading platforms.

These solutions allow businesses to launch fully branded copy trading services under their own name, style and identity. Finestel handles the technology infrastructure and operations support.

The white label dashboard enables seamless investor onboarding and account connections. Managers also gain access to a suite of administrative tools to track copier portfolios, manage billing, automate reporting and more.

In summary, Finestel’s white label empowers professional asset managers to scale distinctive copy trading businesses without large overheads. The platform is equipped for institutional-grade investment management services.

Other Services

Beyond the core B2B copy trading software, Finestel also offers services like:

  • Telegram Bots – Administer services and send client reports directly within Telegram

  • Private Strategy Marketplace -licensing successful methods from experienced traders to improve platform profits

  • Multi-Level Referral Programs – Incentivize client acquisition via network marketing

And some more complementary modules.

Comparing a Software Service like Finestel to Binance Native Copy Trading

While Binance just recently unveiled basic social copy trading capabilities, Finestel delivers full-scale infrastructure for asset managers to run complete firms.

More Exchanges and Markets

Binance copy trading only works within Binance itself. But Finestel lets money managers aggregate strategies across Binance, Bybit, Kucoin, OKX and more under one platform.

Customizable Branding and Styling

Finestel offers white label dashboards for firms to launch branded experiences aligned to their business identities using custom domains, logos, and themes.

Configurable Billing and Packages

Managers on Finestel can structure pricing for niche offerings like volatility harvesting, quant strategies, risk-managed conservative profiles, and more with tailored fee plans per strategy.

Multi-Tier Referral Programs

Proprietary affiliate marketing tools are integrated allowing partners to automate promotion campaigns via custom straw levels. This enables viral client acquisition for asset gathering.

In summary, Finestel delivers all the bells & whistles expected of an institutional-grade crypto money manager platform. The white label solutions empower traders to operate true asset management firms from technology to operations.


In closing, support for running actual fund businesses proves the sharp distinction between basic retail copy trading tools versus versatile platforms purpose-built for crypto institutions first.

Binance’s social trading bells & whistles no longer distract alpha specialists who now gravitate towards future-proof prime brokerage solutions ready for sustainable scale. Select your software to manage your crypto business based on the approach the creators of that software have. Some have created theirs for retail investors, some have created for newbie traders, some for more experienced and professional traders and even trading firms. For every specific need, you’ll find a specific solution.


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