Alina Monosova: biography, education, career, interesting facts

Alina Monosova’s professional biography is notable for several changes in activity. She worked as a marketer in the construction industry and then chose a career as a psychologist and coach. Alina also worked in television until she was disappointed with the media industry. Her education is also versatile; she has graduated from several institutions of higher education, and she continues to improve her knowledge and tries herself in various spheres of activity.

Alina sets ambitious goals and does her best. By her example, she shows that it is never too late to change life; even if you succeed in your career, it is not a reason to do what does not inspire you.

Childhood, youth, and education

Alina Leonidovna Monosova was born on February 13, 1990, in Moscow. She spent her childhood in Sokolniki, where she attended a preschool gymnasium. Later, she had to change several general education institutions. She spent her first grade in a regular school, then her parents transferred her to the non-state school “Premier,” but since it was difficult to get there (the road took about two hours only one way), they had to change the school again. Since the fourth grade, the girl has studied at Moscow Economic School with an advanced study of mathematics.

She studied both the exact sciences and the humanities with equal success. She had diverse interests, so it was difficult to choose further education. After much consideration, Alina Monosova entered the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) Department of International Business and received a bachelor’s degree.

Alina fondly remembers her student years, calling this time one of the most active and best in life.

“I love MGIMO with all my heart. When I meet graduates of this university, I am imbued with a special attitude toward them. It’s a kind of lifelong brotherhood.”

She was going to complete a master’s program in England, but there were certain circumstances. Subsequently, Alina returned to MGIMO, but to the evening department.

First job and further activities

Alina Monosova got her first job as a commercial director at Channel One. Here she worked and concurrently studied correspondence. However, the job Alina had dreamed of since childhood turned out to be boring. She quickly became disillusioned with the television backstage and decided to implement another long-standing life plan—she went to study in London. At Regents University, she deepened her knowledge of the management of large business projects.

“It was very interesting to study with people from different cultures in the international department of global management. We are still in touch; share news and achievements.”

After returning to Moscow, Alina got a job with a leading construction corporation and worked in the marketing department for about ten years, gradually climbing the career ladder. She is pleased to have been able to implement several major projects and gain valuable professional experience. The position of vice president was the peak of her career in the corporation. Having realized that she has no further prospects here, Alina Monosova changed her sphere of activity again. She became a director of investment projects in a similar industry.

New direction

Alina Monosova combined her work as a top investment manager with her new passion, psychology. Going in a new direction, Alina Leonidovna decided to launch her own project, which would help people find a coach or get good psychological support. However, it required professional knowledge.

Working on and preparing the project, Alina got additional education at Moscow State University in the specialty “Psychology of Personality and Business.” Here she studied coaching, gestalt therapy, and other relevant areas.

In 2022, Alina Monosova launched an innovative project with a psychologist and colleague on self-development, crisis management, and professional development. A team of experienced professionals was also involved in advising top managers.

Although Alina has currently suspended her start-up, she continues to develop as a psychologist. However, she plans to use this knowledge only for self-development and to help friends in her spare time. According to Alina, management and the management of business projects are closer to her from a professional point of view.

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