Retrolife R517 Bluetooth Record Player with 4 Built-in Speakers

Retrolife Vinyl Turntable, undoubtedly, serves as a bridge between the traditional and the modern. It combines the unique charm and elegance of vinyl record players while incorporating the essence of modern wireless transmission and audio technology. This next-generation vinyl record player not only emphasizes aesthetics but places a significant focus on the music itself, providing an unprecedented audio-visual experience.

The ARON II vinyl record player utilizes Seta Lin’s proprietary S5 core structure, which provides enhanced stability and a longer lifespan. Equipped with an Audio-Technica moving magnet cartridge, it enriches music with intricate details, offering a more delicate musical texture. The application of a lightweight and robust carbon fiber tonearm further enhances the overall aesthetics, rigidity, and stability of the player.

In terms of sound quality, the Retrolife vinyl record player exhibits exceptional balance. Its three-frequency performance leans toward equilibrium, avoiding excessive embellishments and presenting a pure HiFi sound quality. This ensures that every song receives a real and high-quality reproduction, allowing listeners to enjoy an authentic and emotionally engaging musical experience.

Moreover, the Retrolife vinyl record player features various input/output options, enabling multiple connections with other devices. This feature undoubtedly provides users with more convenience, whether connecting to a computer, television, or other audio equipment, making it adaptable to various user needs.

Retrolife Vinyl Player Sound Production:

The turntable is an ancient playback device, where sound is stored within the curved grooves of a vinyl record using acoustic methods. The record is placed on a turntable, which rotates beneath a stylus. The stylus traces the varying grooves, causing vibrations at different frequencies, thus generating sound. The stylus’s vibrations are then converted into electrical signals, amplified by multiple stages of amplifiers, and eventually translated into sound through a loudspeaker.

Construction of a Retrolife Vinyl Player:

A typical vinyl player can be divided into four main components: the platter, the loudspeaker, the tonearm, and the cartridge.

The Platter: The turntable platter is designed to hold the record and rotate it, allowing the stylus to read the analog signal from the vinyl.

The Speaker: The loudspeaker, an iconic component of vinyl players, amplifies the sound. Since the signal read by the stylus is relatively small, the loudspeaker is used to make the sound audible.

The Tonearm: The front end of the tonearm is home to the cartridge, which contains the stylus. Modern turntables often feature automatic return mechanisms, where the tonearm returns to its resting position after playing a record.

The Cartridge: The cartridge’s primary component is the stylus, which is one of the essential parts of the turntable. The stylus reads the analog signal from the vinyl, and its vibrations are transformed into electrical signals, which are further amplified.

Usage of a Retrolife Vinyl Player:

To enjoy music with a Retrolife vinyl player, place your favorite vinyl record on a clean platter. Remove the stylus protector, unlock the tonearm, and gently lower the stylus onto the record. The record will start rotating automatically, and the music will begin playing.

Once all the content on the vinyl record has played, the tonearm will automatically return, and the record will stop rotating.

To stop playing the music or replay a particular part of the vinyl, simply lift the tonearm and return it to the edge of the record.

Retrolife Vinyl Player R517 Review:

Vintage All-in-One Bluetooth Record Player with 4 Built-in Speakers

Retrolife R517 Price: $259.99 USD

Features of the Retrolife Vinyl Player R517:

The R517 record player is a timeless classic in the realm of audio. Recognized by audio critics and embraced by a vast clientele, the R517 stands as the ultimate compact solution. It’s the ultimate compact solution to serve as a music lover’s first system, an audiophile’s second system, and for bedrooms, dorm rooms, and offices. In a world where vinyl meets digital music, the Retrolife R517 brings a unique sensation—a melange of mid-century charm and modern finesse. Whether your space is vast or confined, your listening pleasure doesn’t have to be compromised.

The R517 fuses retro charm with a modern all-in-one configuration. Its aesthetic appeal draws inspiration from classic record players, featuring a vintage silhouette paired with the convenience of built-in speakers. The result is a stylish centerpiece that effortlessly blends into any space while offering an array of playback options. It’s a statement of style and practicality.

Pre-Installed Professional Moving Magnetic Cartridge

The moving magnet (MM) cartridge enhances the performance of the turntable system, delivering rich musical nuances and intricate details. The built-in tracking force adjustment system ensures precise needle pressure, safeguarding your vinyl collection from potential damage.

*Note: The stylus is a consumable item and is not covered under warranty.

Adjustable Tonearm and Automatic Tracking System

The meticulously designed tonearm base minimizes tracking errors and resonances, ensuring a stable overall sound quality. This enhances clarity, saturation, and reduces distortion, ultimately extending the lifespan of the cartridge.

Effortlessly Connect with RCA Compatibility

Opt for the LINE Mode to easily connect your active speakers or amplifier via RCA audio cables, indulging in high-fidelity sound quality.

PHONO Mode: Reserved for advanced setups, requiring an external phono system for audiophile-grade enjoyment. 

LINE Mode: Utilize the built-in phono amplifier to connect with active speakers and play music.

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