Swimwear for Every Body Type: From Bikinis to Sarongs

Swimwear for Every Body Type: From Bikinis to Sarongs

In the vibrant and ever-changing world of fashion, embracing your unique body type is the cornerstone of feeling confident and looking fantastic. This truth holds steady when we talk about swimwear. Regardless of whether you’re gearing up for an exotic beach vacation or a tranquil day by the pool, the right swimwear can exponentially boost your confidence, ensuring that your aquatic experiences are always enjoyable. A common thread that unites various body types in the realm of swimwear is the versatile sarong. It’s a piece that works exceptionally well for a myriad of figures and can be the secret weapon in your beachwear arsenal. 

  1. Bikini for the Hourglass Body Type

The hourglass figure is one of balance, typified by a bust and hip ratio that is in harmony, coupled with a well-defined waist. For this body type, a bikini is a traditional and reliable choice. A bikini comes as a top and bottom set that offers ample opportunity for mixing and matching, thereby introducing a fun element of personal style.

The top can effectively accentuate the bust area, while the bottom brings attention to the hips. Women with an hourglass figure can experiment with a myriad of bikini styles – from high-waisted versions that evoke a sense of vintage charm to playful string bikinis. 

  1. Tankini for the Pear Body Type

A pear body shape is characterised by hips that are wider than the bust. For this shape, a tankini, which includes a longer top, makes a flattering choice. The extended length of the tankini top can introduce a visual balance, taking attention away from the hip region and subtly directing it towards the torso. For the lower part of the swimwear, options that provide good coverage are ideal – think boy shorts or full-coverage briefs. 

  1. Monokini for the Apple Body Type

Apple body shapes are often defined by a larger bust and a waist that is less pronounced. Here, a monokini can be a fabulous fit. This type of one-piece swimsuit comes with cut-outs at the sides, lending an illusion of a more defined waistline. The monokini provides enough coverage and support for a larger bust, while the side cut-outs introduce a stylish twist. Opt for a monokini in a solid colour or with vertical patterns for a slimming effect. 

  1. High-Neck Swimsuit for the Athletic Body Type

The athletic, or rectangle body type, is quite straight and lacks pronounced curves. A high-neck swimsuit can help create an illusion of curves and provides plenty of coverage and support for engaging in athletic activities. A style that includes side cut-outs or ruffles can introduce the appearance of volume to the bust and hip region. A belted one-piece is another great option, as it can create a waist illusion.

A scarf can be an excellent accessory for this body type. Tie it around the waist for a skirt-like look, or drape it over the shoulders for an impromptu sundress effect. 

  1. Swimdress for the Full-Figured Body Type

Full-figured or plus-size body types require swimwear that delivers maximum support and coverage without sacrificing style. A swim dress fits the bill perfectly. It offers coverage for the hips and thighs while drawing attention to the waist. Choosing a swim dress with an A-line silhouette or ruching in the middle can be particularly flattering. Go for solid colours or smaller prints to maintain a streamlined look. A sarong can add flair and a layer of comfort to this swimwear option. 


Selecting the right swimwear is about embracing and celebrating your unique body shape. From a bikini’s playful appeal to a swim dress’s elegant grace, there’s something for everyone. A sarong can be the final touch that brings your swimwear look together. Embrace your body type, and dive into the world of swimwear with confidence and style.




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