How to hire best Ethereum developer?

Finding a well-qualified Ethereum developer from the sea of the market can be a challenging task since the popularity of Ethereum developers has been constant with the adoption of Ethereum-based dApps. When you are looking forward to hiring an Ethereum developer for your esteemed project, you must be well aware of market indices regarding the huge number of developers lacking actual skills. Having the right knowledge about the Ethereum blockchain can help you pick a well-qualified Ethereum developer who will provide high-quality solutions. 

Here in this article, we will elaborate on how you can identify and hire the best Ethereum developer to build highly scalable dApps and other solutions. 

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a first-of-its-kind open-source blockchain-based distributed computing platform to feature smart contracts functionality. Ethereum was envisaged in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, who happens to be a cryptocurrency researcher and programmer. Since its inception, it had grown manifold due to its functionality, like letting developers do programming, and use it to develop many new kinds of dApps. 

As a blockchain platform, Ethereum is well-equipped with its native cryptocurrency named Ether, which is used to pay for gas fees and fuel the gigantic Ethereum ecosystem. Around the world, various enterprises have tried and found that the Ethereum blockchain network, ensures permanency, transparency & complete security to all business transactions while achieving scalability for its dApps. 

Who is an Ethereum developer?

An Ethereum developer is one who has specialist knowledge about Ethereum, which happens to be one of the best and largest blockchain platforms. A qualified Ethereum developer can write smart contracts, and build and deploy dApps, in short, we can say that they are full-stack developers having great demand in the talent acquisition market. 

Points to keep in mind while hiring the best Ethereum developer

Blockchain architecture and technology 

Make sure you ensure that the developer you hire has complete knowledge regarding the Ethereum architecture, consensus mechanism, and standard ERC tokens, and knows well in advance about the strengths and vulnerabilities of the platforms. Knowing the fundamentals of blockchain technology, how it works, and what all platforms are EVM compatible for Ethereum App development


Knowing cryptography is the key to becoming a good blockchain developer, as it is the way through which blockchain platforms secure crucial data. No matter over which platform the developer develops, knowing cryptography is a must for survival, so ensure that the Ethereum developer you are hiring has in-depth insider knowledge of cryptography. 

Experience and Testimonials

Checking testimonials and cross-checking the credentials is a good way to know the developer to whom you are about to entrust your project. Ask and enquire about his completed projects, and if possible, interact with his past clients to get a clear picture off the quality of work. Who knows you might require some after-sales support and the guy which used to talk sweet might just shrug off his shoulders from any responsibility! 

Attitude and Communication skills

Having a positive attitude and effective communication can lead to success, look for an Ethereum developer whom you can communicate effectively. Discuss the project with the developer to know his point of professional perspective, as a good Ethereum developer will get into the details of his work, and ask you relevant questions, rather than just acknowledge you blankly. 

Where to find Ethereum developers? 

Ethereum developers can be found in a wide range of places, whether you are looking to hire an individual developer or outsource your project to an Ethereum development company. There are numerous talent-hiring websites, freelance websites, and LinkedIn where you can find a large number of Ethereum developers. A senior Ethereum developer at Rejolut says that the key to a successful project depends upon two-way smooth communication with clients. Therefore, if you are new to blockchains, then dealing with an individual developer sometimes can be time-consuming, and having effective communication can be problematic, and all this can lead to delays in the execution of the project. 


Finding an Ethereum developer might seem easy but if your project requires some narrow-niche specialists having special skills then, consulting an Ethereum development company seems the most viable option. Blockchain is an emerging technology and the largest platform Ethereum has announced some critical updates to be rolled out. A well-informed and qualified Ethereum developer can not only make you aware of those technicalities and hope this article helps you in hiring the best one. 

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