5 benefits of Electric Pruners That You Must Know

5 benefits of Electric Pruners That You Must Know

When it comes to cutting branches, conventional pruning shears have been a tried and tested tool for many years. Their affordability, ease of maintenance, and versatility in gardening and agriculture have made them a staple tool.

However, electric pruners or electric pruning shears may be the way for those with a larger job and less time. Pruning can be a physically demanding task, with some likening it to a workout at the gym. 

While pruning is excellent for strengthening muscles, those with delicate hands or already strenuous jobs may dread the task of pruning with traditional tools.

Enter electric pruning shears. These tools provide a faster and more efficient option for pruning while also reducing the physical strain of the task. With electric shears, branches can be cut quickly and with less effort, making it easier to tackle larger jobs in less time.

As technology advances, electric pruning shears are becoming an increasingly popular choice. While traditional pruning shears will always be in the toolshed, those looking to make pruning more comfortable and efficient should consider switching to electric.

Here are some reasons why electric pruning shears are essential tools for your garden and why they are beneficial. 

1-Efficient To Use:

Electric pruners offer a faster, more efficient, and less painful alternative to traditional pruners. They are powered by electricity and can prune twigs and branches two to three times faster than traditional manual pruners. 

What sets electric pruning shears apart from their manual counterparts is their ability to reduce the physical strain of pruning. Traditional pruners require a lot of grip strength, which can be incredibly challenging when dealing with large branches or extensive pruning jobs. 

Electric pruning shears are powered, so they do the work for you. This means you can avoid the pain and discomfort that comes from using manual shears for extended periods.

2-Premium Safety Protection Features:

Electric pruning shears are equipped with a high level of safety protection, including a circuit self-detection procedure that starts engine monitoring immediately if the shears become jammed, preventing the engine from burning. 

The engine’s protection function is also controlled by switches with a hall chip, which adds an extra layer of protection. The circuit is also designed to protect against battery overload, overcharge, overheating, over-discharge, and excessive pressure to maintain normal functions.

These safety features make electric pruning shears safer than manual shears, which can cause accidents if not handled properly. 

3-Better End Results:

Electric pruning shears are an excellent tool for any gardener or farmer looking to achieve consistent and aesthetic pruning results. They are designed to operate stably and provide high-quality pruning that meets gardening requirements.

Electric pruning shears perform more evenly when used correctly than manual pruning shears. This means that the branches pruned by electric pruning shears are closer to the state of natural growth, which eventually leads to a larger and more beautiful canopy.

In addition, electric pruners provide a flat and more aesthetically pleasing pruning surface. They also promote more even and abundant germination of leaves compared to manual pruning shears. This is because the electric shears make cleaner cuts less likely to damage the plant tissue, allowing for better and more consistent growth.

4-Lower Fault Rate:

Electric pruning shears have a stable operation and a simple structure, resulting in a lower fault rate. As a result, they offer high cutting capacity and long service life as long as they are maintained regularly and function properly.

5-Lightweight And Easy To Handle:

One critical factor of electric pruning shears contributing to their popularity is their lightweight and portable design. Professional electric pruning shears are small and designed to be easy to use. 

They are composed of fixed blades, mobile blades, lithium batteries, chargers, connecting cables, work bags, and toolboxes, all made of high-quality materials that ensure durability without adding too much weight.

The lithium batteries used in electric pruners are ultra-light, have a large capacity, and have a long service life. Therefore, they can easily be carried around all day without causing fatigue or inconvenience.

Electric pruning shears lightweight and portable design makes them ideal for use in gardens, orchards, vineyards, and other agricultural settings where mobility and ease of use are essential. With their compact and portable design, professionals can easily carry them with them and use them for extended periods without discomfort.

In Conclusion

Electric pruners are a revolutionary tool transforming how gardening and farming professionals approach pruning tasks. Their superior cutting speed, precision, safety features, and portability have become essential assets while achieving optimal pruning results. Investing in quality electric pruning shears can help you take your pruning game to the next level. 


Author bio: Mike Sharp is an Australian horticulturalist living in Northern NSW with a keen interest in bush regeneration and native plants. He has worked with Forestry Tools on multiple bush regeneration projects in recent years.

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