How Temu Helps Consumers Save More and Do More With Their Money

Temu Helps Consumers Save

Temu, a new addition to the e-commerce space, arrived just in time to help customers shop with ease and worry-free during this rising inflation and difficult economic situation. With the availability of Temu, customers can still buy a high-quality product at a very affordable price. Making them able to splurge for their needs as economically as possible.

Temu is unique and different from any other e-commerce. What sets it apart is that Temu only acts as a bridge for customers and global merchants. Connecting them through its platform or the mobile apps which can be easily downloaded through Appstore or Playstore. Merchants can post their products on Temu’s platform and get connected easily with the international market. Allowing the manufacturer to be able to tap into a whole different new market. 

Being a third-party unit instead of producing its own products is what makes Temu able to get a huge selection of products all at once. Moreover, Temu can tap into a strong supply chain from its sister company, Pinduoduo, one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world which have more than 11 million manufacturers under their listing. In 2021 alone, Pinduoduo had successfully filled around 61 billion orders, thus creating one of the most reputable and trustworthy supply chains in the entire world. 

With the help of this huge supply chain, Temu can keep all of its product pricing low because it decreases the number of intermediary layers. Temu also offers competitive rates due to the reduced markups by optimizing the supply chain process.

After a quick scan through the website, we can quickly find jaw-dropping products’ prices on Temu’s platform. For example, running shoes for women only cost $3.62. The same for men’s shoes, the standing price of the product is not more than $6! This is a very affordable offer for every smart shopper out there.

Not only stopping at providing customers with low-cost products, Temu also started on with their other promotional strategy which aims to further escalate customer benefit. Temu constantly provides customers with discount coupons to make shopping more economical. Customers can find the recent promotional coupons easily after opening Temu’s homepage. Most recent offers will be on display at Temu’s main homepage.

Currently, Temu has a free shipping offer for all customers without any minimum purchase. If you are a first-time user, you can get 30% off for your first three purchases! You can also get the benefit of a 40% discount if you share your link with a friend, and successfully urge them to shop at Temu through your link. Keep in mind that discounts or offers might not be able to combine.

All of this wonderful added-benefit for the customer has successfully helped Temu to steal the heart of the customers and bring a spotlight to Temu’s name. With Temu, now customers don’t have to be too cautious when they are shopping. They do not have to sacrifice their enjoyment in life just because of the potential for future economic crises. Temu’s customers can get their primary and even tertiary needs at a very low cost without worry!

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