Crucial Factors That Will Boost Your Business Website’s Ranking

Having the Internet available to most of the populated part of the planet, you have been given a chance to be seen by a greater number of people than you could have ever imagined. The number of the people who will actually get to your website depends on how good your ranking is on Google. Here are a couple of tips on how you can get on the top of Google search page 1. 

Be visible to Google

Google will be able to rank you only if it can ‘see’ you. If your website is chaotic it is quite possible that Google won’t be able to get to it, or certain parts of it. Pay attention to the links between the sections of your website. Make sure you do not accidentally ‘protect’ your website from Google while protecting it from malicious attacks.

Be visible to mobile devices

More and more people nowadays are using their pocket portable devices to browse the web rather than their PC. This is why you should have a version of your website which they will be able to access easily. Not only that, but their view will be clear, sharp and easy to navigate. Speaking of easy to navigate, one of the most annoying and destructive things is that a pop-up window is no longer favored by Google. As of this year, they have decided to rank lower the pages that chose to impose on their visitors by using pop-ups.

Respect other people’s time

Related to the above mentioned, you need your page to be easy to load and quick to react. If it is taking too much time to load, you may lose a visitor and eventually, you will have no one to convert to a loyal customer. Once loaded, a good time-related reference is to know what period of their time have your visitors dedicated to your website and you will know how engaging its content actually is.

Don’t let them bounce

Pay special attention to creating good landing pages. An efficient landing page will decrease your bounce rate and invite your visitors to explore your website further. If the page is not what they had expected if the content does not meet their expectations they will leave your website without clicking further. Pay special attention to external links leading to your site, make sure that whatever is there for people to click on, is directly related to the content of the landing page.

Think local

When searching for a service, most people like to include a location and thus get a list of businesses in their area. Set up your Google account the way that will enable you to come up as a local business, since those rank better.

Set up your keywords

Discuss the keywords with the people doing your SEO. You have the knowledge of the market and they will be happy to get your assistance in creating a good set of keywords. Think of everything your customers may type into the search box and work together with your SEO team to make you be the first one to come up as their search result. You need to implement the keywords on your web site but please make sure you only use the ones strictly related to the content on your website as adding too many various keywords may be seen as misleading by Google and thus not favored. Rather than doing that, brainstorm all the words related to your keyword and implement those.

Choose your friends

Apart from keywords, using links is one of the basic SEO strategies. You have started but making sure the content of your website is interesting. Look for other websites and blogs which are willing to add a link to your website in one of their articles. Make sure that these ‘hosts’ are of good reputation as having someone of good ranking ‘put in a word for you’ can result in your rank going up. The number of links leading to your website is important but not as important as the quality of the web pages the links are on.

It may sound silly to make so much effort trying to please Google but we all, more or less, depend on it. Regardless of what you think about it, it will have a great part in determining your business’ destiny. This is why you should pay attention to the above mentioned and give your best to stay on the top. A whole branch of computer science has been derived from it so you may want to consider hiring a professional to do this piece of work for you.  Staying on the top requires knowledge of computer science, marketing, psychology, and the industry. Work together, be patient and you will get there!

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