Keep learning and growing this summer


Parents often ask their child’s teacher or school about what they should do during the summer to help them learn more. Below are some resources that you can access and a link to help students. The school may be able to provide resources but it is important that students have a daily routine.

Change is not something that anyone likes, especially summer vacation children. Students will soon become more comfortable with their new routine, which includes completing school work during the summer, just like they had to adjust to a new school environment while distance learning. Soon, the expectation of completing the work becomes less of a chore than a goal. Once you are rewarded for meeting your expectations, it will become a routine to complete the work. This will lead to students’ overall skill development and growth.

We recently sent you a letter with links to IXL as well as the summer skills program. Students can also continue reading IXL and I Read Arabic during the summer. Below are the links to these programs.

When you are setting your expectations for your children I encourage you to spend some time with them during school. If your goal is to have your child read for 30 mins, you can also read 30 minutes with them. It is important for your child to see you reading, whether it is alone or with others.

Enjoy a wonderful summer!


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