How To Dry A Wet Carpet Fast?

You must be quite aware of the fact that the carpet and moisture aren’t the best of friends. It’s because if you don’t let it dry properly, it might get problematic. Carpets can develop many issues when they are damp, mould growth is the worst of all. This can be one of the reasons for the negative effects on your family’s health. Besides this, a stinking wet carpet can make you feel unpleasant. Even a water leak can make your carpets wet, soggy and a complete mess. No matter the reason behind the cause, you need to dry them quickly even after you perform deep carpet cleaning. Otherwise, it can ruin not only your carpets but also your walls or sub-floors. There are lesser chances of restoring the carpet’s condition if you delay the drying process. So get in touch with best carpet cleaners

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Carpets can get wet for multiple reasons. Here is our guide that explains “how to dry a wet carpet fast?”

Here Is What You Need To Do To Dry The Carpets Fast!

To limit the damage caused to the carpets by wetness, one should take action faster. The first thing that you need to do, to make the carpet dry is by getting rid of the water. If you try to dry the carpet while it’s soaked in water it can make the condition even worse. Therefore, here is how to dry a wet carpet fast. Follow our guide for more details:

  • Move Furniture Off The Wet Carpet: You need to do this if you want to lift the carpet. Even for checking the carpet padding and floor underneath; moving the furniture on it is a must. You need to quickly move the furniture, so as to get started with the carpet. Leaving the furniture on the wet carpet can not only ruin the carpet but also the flooring and furniture as well.
  • Remove The Water As Much As Possible: For this, you are going to check beneath the carpet: as most of the water seeps in. There are several ways to get rid of water.
  • Renting A Vacuum Unit: If you are capable of renting a vacuum unit from local carpet cleaners, then you can easily get rid of water. By using this unit, you need to vacuum until you get no more water. Using a regular house vacuum cleaner can be of no use. It’s because they can’t perform vacuuming up water.
  • Renting A Hot Water Extraction Unit: There is an alternative method to the vacuum unit. It is a hot water extraction unit. You can get these from local; carpet cleaning companies. This helps in sucking the water up from the carpet. Make sure there is no water beneath the carpet after the extraction process.

  • Examine The Amount Of Water Present Beneath The Carpets: It’s just the beginning to get rid of the water from the superficial layers of the carpet. It is important to get rid of water present in the padding beneath the carpet as well as water present on the floor. You can examine this by walking on the carpet. If there is squishing or a sopping sound while you walk on the carpet; it’s a sign of the presence of water.

  • Need To Raise The Carpet Off The Floor: Performing these tasks on your can be hectic. But preventing carpet damage from water is also important. To perform this step, you need to put on a pair of gloves. Then start separating the carpet from the floor and padding. Avoid cutting the carpets, because putting them together can be a tough job. Folding the carpet corner or the sides of it can be helpful; in case you want to see the carpet pad. You can otherwise lift the carpet by pulling off the installation strips.

  • Air Blow Between Carpet And Padding: You need to dry the carpet pad, without separating it from the carpet. For that you can use:
  • Dehumidifiers: In this case, dehumidifiers can be a great help. In an enclosed room, a dehumidifier can pull out the water at a faster rate after deep carpet cleaning.
  • Air dryers: By lifting a part of the carpet corner, use air dryers or fans to blow the air under the carpet. Also, turning the heat up can aid in the drying process.

  • Seek Professional Help: Even after performing all these tasks, you can sometimes not get the results you desire. In such cases, you need to seek professional help from local carpet cleaners. It is important to get services from an authorized company.  Because they promise to dry the carpet completely without leaving any traces of water. All the services that they provide are quite effective. So, it is ideal to choose their services to get your carpets dry.


If the carpet is wet and dirty with water, it is ideal to clean them as soon as possible. Otherwise, there are high chances of carpet fabric damage; even the pads might shrink. Besides these, Do you want to know how to get nail polish out of carpet? Here are some great strategies for removing the tenacious stain of nail polish without any difficulty. You can also observe the seams getting separated due to excess water. If you are still thinking about efficient methods for quick-drying, here is how to dry a wet carpet fast. It’s by using proper equipment like dehumidifiers and air dryers after deep carpet cleaning or if they get wet accidentally. This can aid in the process of quick drying. If nothing happens to work, you need to hire professionals for drying the carpets fast.


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