Which Is The Best Brand To Buy Real Hair Wigs?

real hair wig

Human hair wigs are a significant investment, and it’s easy to see why. They appear pretty realistic, and there’s nothing quite like the real deal. If you’re seeking a real hair wig, we’ve curated a list of hair brands that deliver on the finest quality hair.

What Are The Top-Notch Real Hair Wig Brands?


There are countless manufacturers and wholesale vendors that provide excellent service, making deciding on a human hair wig you want a real headache. More significantly, you should keep an eye out for the ones that are made of synthetic fibers.

Here are some of the finest real hair wig brandsyou can count on:


  1. India Hair International (IH
  2. Indique Boutique
  3. Mayvenn
  4. Jon Renau
  5. UNice
  6. Raquel Welch
  7. Sensationnel
  8. Hurela


#1. India Hair International (IHI)

Real hair wig ethically sourced from the temples of india


If you’re looking for the finest quality real hair wig, you can bet your trust on India Hair International. They are truly second to none!


India Hair International, the top-selling wig company in the United States, offers wigs developed with attention to detail vis-a-vis, from the cap construction to the hair density and color schemes.


The company sells ethically sourced human hair from the temples of India and boasts of delivering real human hair wigs to a wide range of customers worldwide. India Hair International has it all, from bone straight to the most voluminous afro curls.


IHI can provide you with direct access to the highest quality human hair from India, thanks to its production in India and warehouses across the U.S.


Whether it’s HD lace front wigs or frontals, they’re well worth your money. If you’re looking for a high-quality human hair wig, try their Indian Human Hair Wigs.

#2. Indique Boutique

Consider experimenting with Indique’s real hair wig


With over 30 years of thriving in the hair industry, Indique Boutique offers 100% human hair that is entirely natural. They can be in better shape than your natural hair.


Indique has a good rep in the U.S as one of the best real hair wig and extension brands. Indique has been approved by major fashion brands such as Elle, Allure, Cosmopolitan, and more!


Indique Boutiques are a unique shopping experience that allows you to really get your hands on their products by seeing and touching them.


In an Indique Boutique, you will receive a complimentary consultation with one of their hair experts, who will help debunk all your concerns and assist you in finding the right real hair wig!

#3. Mayvenn

Recreate these waves that last for days with the best Mayvenn’s real hair wig


We’ve all gone through the phase of getting a big chop and then regretting it. It takes an eternity to grow out your little, tweeny afro hair.


Thanks to Mayvenn, you can recreate endless hairstyles with the highest quality real hair wig from the comfort of your couch, hassle-free. On a pleasant note, they offer a wide range of hair textures, from yaki straight to deep wave and everything in between.


They’ve set a new standard with an extensive collection of hair textures and colors to choose from; all made with the highest industry standards.


Their HD lace wigs, headband wigs, and closure wigs are some of the human hair wig items that are becoming quite prevalent in the hair industry.


#4. Jon Renau


Jon Renau’s real hair wig secured with an innovative cap construction


Jon Renau is one of the well-known hair brands that offers over 1,500 hair products, including human hair wigs, hair toppers, extensions, and other accessories.


With innovative cap construction and stunningly beautiful shades of hair, Jon Renau’s hair wigs are to die for. The luscious human hair complements the comfy cap wigs, as they are made from the highest grade human hair available. They are undetectable and seamless!


Jon Renau’s real hair wig is a Remy virgin hair wig with a light density that doesn’t pull you down. This wig features an ear-to-ear lace front and a completely hand-tied cap. This style is also designed with polyurethane ear tabs, making taping them possible.


#5. UNice

UNice’s ultra-luscious real hair wig


UNice believes that having ultra-luscious hair gives ladies all across the world the confidence they need. After all, isn’t that a quality that makes a woman?


UNice aims to give top-notch service to their customers and a comprehensive range of luxurious hair products that are carefully crafted to help ladies reach their hair goals.


Everything in the UNice collection is supposed to feel rich and as if it was manufactured specifically for individuals wearing it. In fashion, there are no limits, and with Unice’s real hair wig, you no longer have to compromise your hair quality to pull off amazing looks.


#6. Raquel Welch

A lace front mono top real hair wig by Raquel Welch


Raquel Welch is now running 20 years in the hair business, and the brand is increasingly becoming commonplace in the market. Their customers love how light and strong their caps are and how customizable they are to fit any head circumference.


With so many stylish and inventive styles, the 100% Real human hair wigs by Raquel Welch are her bestselling product. The hair tangles (if any) are barely noticeable, thanks to an innovative French Drawn cap, which gives the wig a very natural appearance.

#7. Sensationnel

Find a real hair wig that fits you at Sensationnell


With Sensationnell, you can now enjoy the stunningly soft and lustrous lace front real hair wig infused with Argan Oil to save you the trouble of maintaining your hair tangle-free. This protects your human hair wig from heat damage while keeping hair shedding at bay.


Their lovely curls, coils, and afro-kinks strengthen your hair while making you look chic. The versatility is what makes all the difference for you.


Curls, Kinks & Co., their freshly launched New Natural Textured Hair Collection, has piqued our interest! Everything you’ve ever dreamed of amping up your look at an affordable price.


Everything from the real hair wig, lace part wigs, 1/2 Wigs, and pineapple ponytails are all made to look like natural hair that is pre-styled.

#8. Hurela

Hurela is one of the best deals for a real hair wig


Hurela is yet another popular real hair wig wholesaler. You’ll find human hair wigs that perfectly match your hair, whether it’s kinky, curly, or afro-textured


Customers also have left reviews commenting on Hurela’s variety of hair lengths. And they have a large selection of hair wigs indeed!


Their hair specialists advise that you give your human hair wigs a lot of TLC to ensure they last a long time. Use sulfate- and alcohol-free products to keep your hair clean and away from product build-ups.


No matter where your hair is on the textural range, Hurela has you covered.

Bottom Line

There you have it! These are some of the finest real hair wig brands. Apart from the highest quality hair, what makes these brands so special? Their virgin hair is made to last a long time, and you can easily recreate various hairstyles heat-free.

Consider experimenting with India Hair International’s broad collection of hair enhancers if you want something custom-made to match your color or texture. Even better, they provide same-day delivery within the United States.

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