What Are the Best Scrunchies for Thick Hair?

Plush Scrunchies, made up of a blend of materials to evoke a soft feeling, are one of the best options for your hair as they are soft, large in size, and grip hair easily with their strong elastic without hurting your hair. The fabric makes it simple to wrap your hair around, which provides a firm hold with no damage.

Plush scrunchies are the leading and most loved hair scrunchies because they are cost-effective and grip well, giving you a lux feeling every time you wear them.

What Type Of Fabric Is Best for Scrunchies?

Scrunchies are made of various fabrics from velvet to satin, patterned from polka dots to plaid designs, embedded with crystal to pearls, and endless collections – all made to give you an experience every time you wear them. Gone are the days of hair scrunchies with basic designs and fabrics.

The most significant difference between original scrunchies from the 90s that we observe now is the variety in sizes. You can find scrunchies in almost every variety of color and size, designed for specific hair types, and made up of material that feels good on the hair while also making the colors on the scrunchies pop.

This makes sense since these scrunchies are now seen everywhere.

How Are Large Scrunchies Some of the Most Trending Type of Scrunchies?

The practical usage, soft fabric, and vibrant colors of plush scrunchies make it perfect for all hair types and is the most trending and in-demand type of scrunchie.

You may often be subject to a problem where your dreaded ponytail gives off an awkward shape after wearing it for a few hours. Visit Now

Plush is excellent at dealing with these types of situations. Besides being festive and trendy during the right season, large scrunchies minimizes ponytail bumps and creases as this soft fabric doesn’t cause a tight hold, proving itself as the best scrunchie for thick hair.

Large scrunchies also suit almost every hair type. Depending on where you look, you can find scrunchies that come with multiple millennial-colored hues. These scrunchies also make for a great match to various hairstyles, colors, and types.

Why Are Large Scrunchies So Popular?

Plush scrunchies help prevent your curly hair from frizz, and they also make excellent accessories while sleeping, keeping your hair in one place while you rest your head on a pillow.

Large scrunchies are also one of the best ways to accessorize your outfit on a night out, as hair done up in a bun or ponytail looks super chic with the addition of a large scrunchie with a bow.

How Are Plush Scrunchies Good For Your Hair?

Compared to elastics that cause breakage, a high-quality scrunchie, with its additional layer of fabric, gives your hair that extra layer of gentle holding power. According to hair experts, hair breakage happens the most when you go to take out a ponytail, while a scrunchie is gentle and easy to take out.

Another note on why scrunchies are better for your hair is the fact that they do not cause headaches. Elastics can cause headaches as the material wraps tight around the hair, pulling on the head and causing stress that can turn into a headache.

What Type of Shape is Best for a Scrunchie?

The large shape of scrunchies provides a better grab and hold to the hair. Big scrunchies are nowadays worn in both the hair and as a wristlet, and they look lovely.

What Looks Better For Photos?

You can carry scrunchies in different ways and style your hair to get a super cute look. Here are some of the scrunchie trends that will elevate your style:

  • The Messy Bun: Make a messy bun and slide a proper-sized big scrunchie around the bun so it may set at the base. You can preferably style the bow In the front or back.
  • The Braided Look: An all-time loved hairstyle goes extra chic with cute scrunchies. Simply gather your hair and tie them in a loose braid. Finally, use a small scrunchie to cover the hair tie.
  • The Messy Ponytail: Gather your hair and make a loose ponytail. Secure it with a hairband. Next, pull some hair wisps around your face to create a messy look. Finally, place your favorite scrunchies around the ponytail.

What To Avoid When Looking For Scrunchies For Thick Hair?

Avoiding the following things while looking for your best-suited scrunchies can make a tremendous difference for you:

  • Never compromise on the quality. If you have to pay extra, go for the one which offers the best quality.
  • Too small scrunchies are a mismatch for many, especially those with large volume hair. Therefore, you should always go the neutral route by choosing a medium to a large scrunchie.
  • Check for the longevity of your scrunchies.


Now you know how your hair scrunchies can be useful, functional, and luxurious, and what the best scrunchies for thick hair are. Don’t forget that you can utilize them to not only hold your hair well but to compliment your outfit beautifully.

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