Okavango Delta

Try not to squirm. Try not to try and contemplate standing up. “Keep your hands out of the water.”

So cautioned, I grip the sides of an unsteady inclined kayak known as a mokoro in this region of the planet as we push off into a rug of lily cushions here in Botswana.


It appears to me, considering that crocodiles have large amounts of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, that I’m situated alarmingly near the water. Reason en ough not to hang one’s hands in the water.

Hippopotamus, considered among the most hazardous of wild creatures, likewise proliferate.

Stories are told in the OkavangoDelta  of hippos, ready to lower and swim for extensive distances submerged, springing up under mekora (plural) for the sheer fun of overturning them.



Shaft pushed kayaks have employed the Okavango’s 6,000-square-mile maze of streams since the mid-1800s when the BaYei public meandered down the Zambezi and tracked down the delta ideal for their respected method of transport.

Customarily, tree trunks were emptied out through fire and a little ax – extraordinary jackalberry trees particularly preferred for their long, straight trunks – bringing about a low-drifting specialty of around 20 feet long and pointed at each end.

For 16 days, we investigated the qualities of Namibia prior to advancing toward the Okavango for three days of adventuring in a little corner of the Delta’s 6,000 square miles of floodplains, limited channels and multitudinous little islands.

Safaris into Botswana’s Chobe National Park would come straightaway, with Zimbabwe’s roaring Victoria Falls the visit’s finale.


We see nary a crocodile or a hippo, or some other of the delta’s assessed 200,000 huge vertebrates, including groups of bison, elephant and lechwe eland. I ask Focus for what good reason that is.


The explanation: Most of the creatures in the Okavango are not all year occupants. They leave when the blustery season comes to track down fields of grass to eat, advancing back when the season closes.

This year, the wet season was behind schedule, well into April. They’d not yet returned. Concerning the crocodiles, their inclined toward relaxing regions, radiant banks, stay lowered. They, also are somewhere else.


As though to compensate for it, birds are in overflow with peeps, twitters, and tweeting giving the sound track to our experience. Many are of such fine-padded glow, that they seem Tiffany planned.

Blossoms, as well, are in overflow, with whole flower bundles lighting up the papyrus and reed vegetation. Obviously, there are many water lilies. Convenient things, lily cushions. Failed to remember your cap? Attempt a lily cushion, as Focus demonstrated.

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