Everything to Know About Skin Glue for Adult Circumcision Surgery

Adult Circumcision Surgery

An important step that surgeons have to take is stitching up the incision made for a surgical procedure, especially adult circumcision surgery. There are several ways to close the incisions, including normal sutures, dissolvable stitches, staples, and skin glue. It is important to know about skin glue as only a few surgeons use it.

Points to Ponder About Skin Glue for Adult Circumcision Surgery

In the beginning, it has been mentioned that a few surgeons use skin glue because patients are not comfortable using it. They think that the glue will be unsafe to use because men don’t know much about it. So, you have to know the following points about skin glue when having circumcision surgery.

Understanding What is Skin Glue

Many people get confused with the concept of skin glue because they have only thought of it as a source to paste paper and cloth. But skin glue is made from elastic protein applied on the incision to join the two sides. Other names given to the glue are liquid stitches, dermal, or tissue adhesive.

On What Wounds the Glue Cannot be Used?

Surgeons and doctors avoid using skin glue on different wounds and incisions because they can cause harm. Uneven wounds, deep cuts, active bleeding from an incision, an infected wound, skin with animal bites, holes in the skin, and ulcer cuts are some wounds on which skin glue should be avoided.

Advantages of Using Skin Glue for Circumcision Surgery for Adults

The patients who have used skin glue for their circumcision wound have been informed that they have to spend less time on the operation table, infection was less, no pain of needle, recovery time was reduced, the glue was waterproof, and had fewer scars.

What is the Method for Application?

When the surgeon has done the circumcision, the assistant will hold the penis up and cover it with gauze to stop the bleeding. Then the surgeon will carefully apply the glue and hold the penis straight until it is dried and the surgeon has made sure that the skin is properly bound.

How Long Does it Take for Glue to Set?

Normal stitches will take a week to set in and dissolve. Still, it will only take fifteen to twenty minutes for the skin glue to apply and dry up because of quick application and drying, patients as surgeons at clinics like Circumcision Center for skin glue.

Taking Care of Circumcision Wound

It is important to take care of circumcision incision even if skin glue has been used. It would be advisable not to touch the penis for at least five days. Don’t let the penis get wet and if this happens, immediately pat it dry. Cover the penis if you wish to take a bath.

Will Skin Glue be Good for Circumcision Revision Surgery?

Sometimes when the patients visit the medical care facilities to revise their circumcision surgery, the penis condition is not good enough to stitch it up again. So, surgeons advise the patients to select skin glue for the best adult circumcision surgery.

What Things can Complicate the Wound?

Patients should never scratch the incision, avoid peeling the glue before the healing time ends, dry the penis when it becomes wet, don’t self-medicate as it can make the situation worse, and avoid doing any extreme exercise.

Can Glue Come off During an Erection?

The skin glue is made from elastic protein that strongly holds the incision together. So, in case of an erection, the glue will not come off.

What to do when Feel Pain After Glue Application?

If the patients feel pain after glue application, it is because of the surgery. The surgeons will recommend medications to relieve the pain.

Visiting the Circumcision Surgeon

If you experience bleeding from the wound or the infection has exceeded more than two weeks, then you should immediately schedule the surgeon’s appointment. If none of these issues occur, then you should visit the clinic at the appointed time after the adult circumcision surgery.

These are some important points that patients should know about skin glue for circumcision surgery.

Below are questions that are important to understand about skin glue application for adult circumcision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the extra skin after circumcision?

The term extra skin refers to the length left on the penis after adult circumcision surgery. This extra skin is stitched up to reveal the tip of the penis. The other removed skin is disposed of as it is a biohazardous waste.

What skin is left after circumcision?

The surgeons have to be careful to remove the good foreskin from the penis. Too much or less skin removed can look unattractive.

How does skin glue work?

The surgeon will hold the penis upward, ensure minimal bleeding, and then hold the cut skin close to the penis and apply the skin glue. It has to be made sure that the glue has completely dried before sending the patient home.

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